Will these work together?

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    Hey guys newbie here, going to attempt growing my first time. Will these work together, I know CFL's right. Im on a budget as lol. 
    Or do you guys have a different recommended reflector and lights, around the same price point? 
    Also should these be fine to grow in? 
    or do you guys recommend something else? 

  2. You want 6500k cfl's for veg and 2700k cfl's for flower
  3. Agree with above about colour of bulbs. How many are you gonna get? They work out at about $30 a set with shipping. A 400w hps kit is about $130... Far better choice
  4. Just get a HPS for flower, the initial cost is worth it
  5. Also, fabric pots are a great alternative to the plastic pots.  You can get them much smaller and they can grow the same size plants because of the root dynamic...also they are reusable.

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