Will these plants yield me ANYTHING at all??

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    This is my first grow and it hasnt gone very well so far :( My plants are just about two months old, they have been under 12/12 for a week or so now. 400w HPS in FFOF, I've got the fox farms nutrient line up but I have been using them sparingly as my plants had all sorts of pH issues/lockout and stuff. So far they haven't died, although they arent healthy. The seeds were given to me from a grower friend, they are good genetics, not bag seeds. I'm just curious if plants that are this wispy/unhealthy can even grow ANY bud. They are all females and have been showing preflowers for a few weeks. I know there are lots of factors that contribute to yield but I just really wanna know if plants that look like this in their first week of flower can actually yield anything at all.

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  2. hah, you crack me up.. keep up the good work!

  3. huh?? :confused: whats so funny? by the way, the pics are deceiving, make sure you actually click on them, the plants are barely 2 ft tall. Do you have any input?
  4. treat em right lol..they look good dude imo
  5. make sure your ph is good with your nutes before you water and make sure you don't overdo it! they're going to keep growing for the next couple of weeks quickly before they start adding much weight to buds. just be consistent, don't do anything crazy, and keep doing what you're doing.

    PS. what do you personally think is wrong with them?
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    Lots of yellowing, only growing small leaves, wilting top leaves, leaf tips burning and curling, leaf edges cupping down, leaves growing in with small rips on them, purplish red stems, the list goes on. I've cut off a bunch of the yellowed lower leaves, and on one plant the 2nd to top two sets of leaves were permanently wilted down so I cut them off, it grew some new leaves on top and now the 2nd to top set of leaves has completely wilted again. I can never tell if its lock out or defficiency, I've tried so hard to keep my pH correct but it hasnt seemed to help, my tap water is lousy, very chlorinated and very hard. At this point I have given up on trying to fight my tap water and have just decided to keep using it and see what happens. I use pH down and up to adjust my pH and have only given them fox farms grow big at this point (low dose). My pH meter is lousy even when its calibrated so sometimes I rely on the dropper bottle test to make sure its accurate. Nothing I do seems to make them flourish, adding nutes always compounds my problem and the pH is constantly fluctuating. Thats why I was wondering, with these problems, will they yield anything at all.
  7. It's kind of hard for me to see what's going on because the view is too far back. From your list of observations, it's obvious that something's going on. Honestly, I don't know enough to diagnose issues in depth.

    For the ph/water issue, what about using store-bought distilled water? It's usually pretty cheap ($1/gallon). The ph of distilled water shouldn't be higher than 6-6.5 so you're good to go (I believe) at that level (or add your ferts to that if you decide to use them).

  8. I hear ya man. to quickly answer your question, if you can keep them alive through flowering then yeah, you'll get some buds that are i'm sure better than a lot of ganja people smoke out there! you'd be surprised as to the beating these plants can take. obviously you're not gonna get the high times crystal field of godliness all over your buds but what you'll get is a harvest that you can smoke for a while and an idea of possibly what to do differently next time.

    as for trying to improve the health of your ladies, try letting your tap water sit out overnight, preferably with an airstone in it (to oxygenate it and get the chlorine out). Then add the nutes (if you're watering with nutes this time) and mix it up, then adjust the ph slowly 'til it's mid 6's. water with nutrients every second time or so, and the other times water with simply water that has been oxygenated overnight and ph-corrected. you can also use GH micro for hardwater as a nutrient together with a high p and k source.
  9. looking good, and nice clean setup! im guessing youl get a few ounces
  10. I've thought about this, but the cost would certainly add up as the plants drink every other day. I also heard that I would have to add cal/mag to the distilled water and that just sounds like a pain in the ass for me, thanks for the tips though.

    This is the answer I was looking for. I'm not really hoping for anything amazing, just some weed to smoke since this grow cost me like 1000 dollars worth of trial and error so far. I'll know what to do better next time at least and already have everything I need. I've been watering twice w/ regular water then once with nutes, but inconsistently and a diff amount of nutrient everytime trying to figure out what they like. I've let the water sit a few times, but even after 2 days of sitting it still smelled like chlorine, this also brings the pH up quite a bit. I'm just gonna keep doing what I'm doing, I will allow the water to sit out over night after filling up the bottle and hope for the best. The one guy said a few ounces, I highly doubt that.. judging by the wispiness of my plants and the size of the bud spots, I'm thinking maybe 7 grams per plant tops :( I've got four plants so that will be about an ounce of weed all together, an expensive ounce:cool: at least next time around I'll have the experience, know how, and proper equipment to grow a healthier crop ;) here are some more pictures, you can see the problems a lil bit more in these, particularly the leaf curl

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  11. top these babies next time..
    try using rain water to solve your pH (if you can)
    ..mist them with rain water too.
    and find a good nutrient schedule

    im going to upload pictures of my purple diesel soon because im so proud of them.
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    Yea, well how bout uploading them in a diff thread instead of making me feel like a douche bag in mine :rolleyes: I didn't wanna top because topping unhealthy plants is a bad idea and I really didn't wanna destroy their main cola, they are only 2ft tall. I was also told that all of my seeds were indica, which I have since discovered was obviously bullshit judging by their appearance. I live too close to the ocean to use rain water, too high of a salt content in the rain.
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    Your plants don't look that bad. They still look they have some stretch too em, I bet you get at least 2 ounces per plant. A first grow can be a lot worse, it is kinda hard to really tell how much a plant is gonna yield after the first week of flower though.
  14. Your plants dont look bad dude. Im on my first grow aswell and im also 1 week into flowering and i wasted all kinds of money, time, and effort on my grow but i still got a couple of decent plants, i got 3 females from seed that are close to three months old now and at just under 2 months they werent even a foot tall so dont fell bad, its trial and error, its stuff like this that you learn from for the next run, your plants look like cannabis cup winners compared to what mine looked like a month ago, and for real id be happy with those plants for my first time, just take a breath and a step back get everything in order and get all you can outta the flowering. Good luck bro. peace 1
  15. Do you have enough ventalation?

    Sound like your missing air in your room !!
  16. Ya know you might be right.. Its a large walk in closet, but the area that my plants are in is sectioned off with panda film, it still a decent sized area but I only have a 4" inline fan for exhaust and a normal oscillating fan to circulate the air. Theres a nice sized gap under the door to the closet and it lets plenty of air in. I cant afford another fan (or anything else grow related) right now so this will have to do.

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