Will these molasses do the job?

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  1. They say black strap molasses on the side but it doesn't say unsulfured.

    Will I still be sweet?

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  2. All sugar cane molasses sold for human consumption (and even animal feed) is unsulfured.

    Sulphur Dioxide is added to sugar cane plants during processing to extract as much of the raw sugars as possible. Once the muck is extracted the Sulphur Dioxide must be removed which is why it's 'unsulfured' and not 'desulfured'

    Without this additional process, the molasses would not be palatable, i.e. all that you would taste and smell would be Sulphur and little else.

    When you get to the molasses made from sugar beets (what they call livestock molasses in the USA) it can't be sulphured or unsulfured since this is a tuber and not a grass, the extraction process is completely different and never involves the use of Sulphur Dioxide.

  3. Awesome man thanks alot.
    + rep for that info when I get on a computer. I like learning :)

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