will these lights work?

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  1. Hey guys so I'm wanting go use some 200 Watt cfls to help the sides of my plants because its always huge on top but bare sides. I have a 400 Watt hps/mh. I just wanna use this to assist my grow. Here are some pics of what I'm thinking of getting. I don't wanna use T5 because I've read a lot you have to have them like right on the plant.

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    The first picture, light on the left looks good for flower(not particularly the 3300k one), but the second pictures kelvin output is a little low for flower and way too low for veg
  3. OK good deal I know its like 2500k veg and 6500 flower right?
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    This is incorrect T5's are way better,and more powerful.I use a Tek 4 from HTG for clones.I have 16 1' clones under it right now.Canopy almot a foot away,and no stretching.These fixures can have a regualr max blue spectrum T5 or a HPS T5 in them.If the tek 4 is more then you want to spend the Tek 2 is nice at $69.99.CFL's can do the job,but they arent better IMO,and HTG backs their stuff 3 year warrenty's.

    And I definatly dont work there.I'm just that happy with these T5's.I'm thinking of geting 2 more tek 4's.Putting HPS in them,and hanging on each side in bud room.




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