Will these lights work for 15ftx10ft bedroom

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  1. So I live in Massachusetts a legal state and I already have 5 plants going outside, but I wanted to start some more seeds outside for a month then bring them in. I wanted to turn 1 of my extra bedrooms into a budget friendly grow room. Would 5 of these lights cover a 15ftx10ft bedroom with the walls and floor cover in viagrow Mylar from Home Depot

    Or maybe another cheaper option for lights, like those quantum led boards

    And here are my 5 ladies outside

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  2. I would steer clear of any of the blurple Chinese lights. And no 5 of those wouldn't cover that big of an area. The Quantum boards are some of the best lights going right now. I'm running a total of 360 true watts in a 3 x 3 area. For a 10 x 15' area I would think you'd need 1200 to 1500 watts(actual draw from the wall) to effectively cover everything.
    A good budget light that I have actual experience with is the Oneo 1000w light advertised on Amazon. It's actually a 200 watt light in 3500k with added 660nm diodes. $99 . A few of those would definitely be better than that blurple light

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