Will these LED lights do the trick?

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    Since I have a heat problem in my Micro grow with cfl I am switching to LED, but since LED is way more expensive I was looking into Chinese solutions. I thought fitting 2 of these in my 100x40x50cm space and have 4 plants in 1 gallon pots to flower after 2 months of veg.

    Other cabinet 40x60x40cm I use for veg and as you can see I have 1 54w led for seedings and clones and 3 cfls 65w for 3 plants 2/4/6 weeks old. Since heat and space are problem I thought switching those cfls for 1 of these LED pannels.

    LEDs I'm talking about are these "120W" grow pannels. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-Arrival-120W-11...
    I know Chinese lights aren't very good and even some comments say it's actually 54w instead of 120w. But even with 54w it should be enough for 2 small plants as you need 23w per plant with leds, and besides, they would cover my whole grow space? And feedback for these lights is very positive.

    So I wanted to ask for advices from you guys if you think this could work? Thx

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  2. 23w per plant? Lmao

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  4. Sorry dude, you'll need way more than 23w per plant. That's like seedling wattage, if that. Either way you go, your grow is already showing a height problem. Wouldn't recommend Chinese LEDs, it'll be a waste of your money. If you take the LED route, go with a well known brand.
  5. 2 months veg in a 1 gallon pot is going to be difficult unless they're very slow growers. Very slow

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    You think 27w LED per plant will be worse than 80w CFL i used for last plant? And last plant i flowered was in 0.5 gallon pot for 2 months + 2 months flowering as you can see in pictures below and it gave me satisfying results for my first grow ever considering it got every bad shit that could happend to her and people were telling me to throw it out. (https://forum.grasscity.com/sick-plants-problems/1...)
    So i think 1 gallon can just make things better?

    Take into account that plants are like 15x15x15cm in size and im expecting to get like 15 grams per plant and that would be ok with me. Its not like im doing this professionaly and expecting to get big yields. I planned on doing PC grow and i dont think that PC grows use bigger pots than 1 gallon. Im a scrub and want to make enought just for my personal recreational use. So basically im asking if these lights will at least keep my plants alive.

    And i would go with good brands in LED but the first thing why i started growing is to save money on buying bad weed and getting ripped off because im pretty poor. And good LEDs start at 200+eur in my country...

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  7. I think you would do better with one of these. On sale on amazon for 99.00 Pretty good deal.

    Pretty sure you will like it.

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    I cant order from amazon, they dont deliver to my country. :/ Or Ebay... And even for stuff that i can, the total price is like 2.5 times higher when it crosses the borded because of customs...

  9. Okay

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    Dude you should just flower right away, once they are root bound new growth will be slow and won't be healthy any way and you could have a fresh crop every 2 or 3 months.

    Keep trying to improve though a taller box might be a better upgrade first then maybe a better light.

    Here is a 2 month veg under a cheap 300 watt Mars Hydro 3 plants Skywalker, Bluedream, and a Blackberry kush in a 1widex2Longx 1.5 tall meter space[​IMG]
    I found a link for you

    Mars Hydro Mars300 Mars600 LED Grow Light 130W275W Draw Power Full Spectrum for Hydroponic Planting Stock in USUKGEAUCA

    US $79.99 - 180.99 / piece

    Domestic Delivery

    Free shipping

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    Damn, those girls look awesome [​IMG] Thanks for tips as im still looking into my schedule.
    The system i thought of for now is 0-2 weeks old plant i use that black little cup. Then transplant it into 0.5 gallon red pot you see in pictures for 2-6 weeks period, then transplant it into 1 gallon pot for 6-8 weeks old plant and then put it into flower as i read that last transplant should be done 2 weeks before flowering. Thats 2 months total and i thought of having 4 plants that are 2 weeks apart each so i have new crops every 2 weeks. Tho maybe 2 months isnt much considering i dont have strong lights so my plants are growing slower?
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    I pot up when I see roots at the pots drain holes, some strains grow roots faster than others. But if you flower right away you start them in your starter pot, then into the gallon pots for flower. With a better light like the Mars Hydro you will be getting better faster growth my link is broken but Alibaba has those lights
  13. What should i do if when i transplanted my plant i put it a little down and covered it with earth up to the first leaves so that i could shorten its height. That way, roots grow very quickly trought the holes on the bottom but rest of the pot still isnt filled with roots where the red question mars are. Can i wait till that space is filled with roots...? Here is my nab ilustration of the problem.

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  14. Go on ebay they are only $65 I just bought one

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  15. Thank you,
  16. It will start growing roots from the soil down filling the pot, otherwise the stem would rot.

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