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Will there be bud in college?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jbluez2003, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. I'm going off to school soon, and I'm a bit nervous on how I am supposed to obtain information on how to get some good tree. I live in California... so there's tree everywhere I go & it's easy to come across. I may be attending school in Alabama (Birmingham) or Florida (Tallahassee), haven't made my decision yet. How's the bud out there? Any tips, help, anything? Thanks!
  2. Florida will be easy, and you'll find some dank. Prices won't be horrible, but not as good as Cali. All about who you know.

    Haven't been to Alabama, but I don't think it'll be any easier than FL.

    So many people in College smoke OP, just ask around. Don't just jump into that kind of convo, talk to them a bit. Drop some hints, you know? You'll bump into someone sooner than you think.

  3. It's true. As soon as classes are over for the day, I can't walk anywhere on campus without seeing someone with a joint lol. Most cops here are also pretty laid back about it.
  4. Thanks for the quick replies! That cleared it up a bit.
  5. There's dank any where u go best believe that
  6. hey man, i go to temple university. talk to people, most people in college smoke. Find a smoke buddy, hes got a dealer haha
  7. From my experience at college most dealers end up finding you. Especially if your a resident on campus, almost impossible not to meet one. Bud in college = Not a problem :cool:
  8. There will be plenty of weed at any school. Wear some shirts or something that would give off the vibe of a smoker. If you don't wanna do that just let nature run it's course. You will be drawn to like minded people and soon enough you will have more connections for weed than you will ever need.
  9. Make a bunch of friends in your dorm. Chances are at least one of them will either a) join a frat and then have some sort of weed hookup or b) know someone that can sell to you. It's way easier than you think.
  10. Yes there'll be bud ;D
  11. If you live in a dorm you should be good. Unless your in an honors dorm, it won't be impossible but it would just be a tougher search. Keep your eyes open for people who look like they smoke... which is pretty much everyone.
  12. I live about 20 minutes from Birmingham, AL. If you are talking about the college "UAB" then trust me you wont have a problem getting fire. Getting shitty/mids/beasters will be harder. If you ever take a trip to T-Town (Tuscaloosa), then you will be AMAZED at the quality of bud.
  13. dude i go to a school in colorado (not sayin which)
    and we literally have the DANKEST bud at all times. we have only had one week of a dry patch and that was over breaks and shit. come to colorado man theres top shelf everywhere!
    i lived in illinois before this and its 20$ a gram for swagg or midgrade
    here its 10$ gram for topshelf
  14. College is where you go to buy ganj haha. I think a lot of people would agree that finding bud in college was the easiest compared to before and after college
  15. easy as pie just ask your fellow peers at university, a large chunk of people can atleast point you in the right direction to a dealer or a stoner who then would know a dealer
  16. Yes. I go to college in Nebraska. YOU WILL FIND BUD. Trust me.
  17. #17 Storm Crow, Mar 23, 2012
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    Will there be bud in college? :confused_2:

    ROFL!!! :laughing:

    YES!!! :smoke: :bongin: :smoking:
  18. It'll be everywhere. trust me.
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  20. In college more than anywhere! I swear everybody smokes

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