Will there be another war?

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    The nature of warefare has changed. This is mostly thanks to nuclear weapons.

    What do you blades think? Will we ever see another war between superpowers? Like China invading the united states?

    The way things are going, I don't think we will see traditional wars anymore.

    We have propaganda wars and the war on terror.

    We will see ideology shifts and revolutions, instability and terrorist factions, but I don't think Tue big dogs will have boots in eachothers countries anymore

  2. it seems that way, but its too utopian an idea. there will be and has been lasting peace among the big players, but eventually, given enough time, its only natural shit hits the fan. 
  3. Definitely. As long as there are different ideologies, religions, inequalities, etc. There will always be those who will take to violence in an extreme way.
    With nuclear weapons, the stakes are higher, but I think wars will still break out, even on a large scale.
    War, war never changes.
  4. War is inevitable. 
  5. We won't have the cool battles like we did in the 1200s that's for sure.
  6. however you slice it, the world is in a state of perpetual war
    any optimism I may have had is on a rather long holiday, basking in the impossible sun
  7. No wars will be fought on laptops and the markets

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    Just proxy wars and cyber wars. I don't think superpowers will be invading other superpowers. It is much more cost effective to impose sanctions, use political maneuvering, and engage in sending arms and funding smaller militant groups to carry out terrorist efforts (all wars are acts of terrorism, literally by definition).
    I think the age of major land invasions is over. Wars from now on will mostly be covert. Besides, half of the art of war is psychological, and most nation states understand this by now.
  9. Bet the poor cunts in them didnt see them as cool lol

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    Did you get that idea from Hollywood? Many old battles were disoriented frightened peasants lining up in front of each other hailing curses with small skirmishes in between. When a massive battle did break out it was short and normally ended in mass retreat and possible massacre. Given, there are some exceptions but most battles weren't 'epic' like media portrays.
    I agree with everything but "all wars are acts of terrorism, literally by definition". War is a means to a political end, economic interest and conflict of ideals; not often anymore to terrorize, exterminate and plunder. 
    It depends on the time horizon you're referring to. In the next 500 years, almost certainly.  In our lifetime, maybe, maybe not. 
    </div>Essentially, even wars of attrition would still fall under this category.
  13. no I do some reading on historum, they talk about old battles a lot. I'm aware most of the front line was slaves and peasants. I do find some battle s interesting like how genghis khan conducted his battles with intelligence. Nearly all of his warriors were skilled horsemen.
    Becoming a skilled horseman was a right of passage for Mongolian males. Not to detract from your statement, just saying.
    From what I understand cavalry would sit on the flanks of the formation and wait for a skirmish to harass and break the line. Then cavalry would run charge through and disrupt formation. It drives me crazy in movies when you see horsemen run into a group of men, stop and swing their swords around.
    I really enjoy early Roman history and the Crusades.
  16. Yup, they were known to move long instances in short times.

    But yeah when I get my time machine, I'm going to bookmark his battles, among others.
  17. Yeah I'm one of those guys too, 'OMG that would never happen in real life!'. But I know movie directors have more important things to consider than the logical movie watcher.
  18. sometimes I wonder I'd anyone reads the op

    Sorry if I wasnt cclear

    Obviously the world.will always have conflict

    This thread iis about Tue traditional style war.

    The question is do you think we will ever say, gave Chinese boots in America, for example

  19. I feel the same, warfare has changed or really has always changed and evolved, especially with the advent of newer technologies and I think this hasn't been truer than with latest use of aerial drones.

    I also feel it will be very soon that ground based bi/quad pedal drones will be implemented. Just look at boston dynamic's/DARPA's Big Dog and ATLAS prototypes. And that's just the stuff they show to the public. I'm sure the stuff they don't show to the public would make our heads spin.
  20. No. Any time any side would start to win, the nukes come out. The most we have is bombing underfunded "terrorists"

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