will theese lights be enough?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by tinytim, May 2, 2006.

  1. Ok so along with growing outdoor i am also going to grow 1 plant indoor(i pray that its female). I went out and purchased 4 CFL bulbs that say 100 watts but then under that say 23w=100w. will 4 of those be enough os should i get something larger? thank you
  2. as long as there '' grow light'' bulbs you did fine,,,, id start 3 -4 plants under them,,, 2 will proably be male,,,,, that setup will grow 2 plants sweetly... if they got the right bulb in them...;)
  3. they werent advertized as grow lights will they still work?
  4. From what I've heard CFL is shit for growing. If you want to budget grow get yourself 100w+ worth of fluoro. Just like a shop light is enough.
  5. CFLs are fluoros (Compact Fluorescent Lights). CFLs would be much better than tube fluoros for one plant, will concentrate your light where you want it much better.
  6. Ahhh!!! Wtf?! Jesus christ I'm dumb... totally wasn't paying attention. Feel free to neg rep me for that. blech. I knew there was one kind of common house hold light that DOESN'T work worth shit. Wow, I still can't believe what an idiot I am. I'm reallllllly sorry everybody!

  7. well my friend, you read wrong. very wrong. :)
  8. Chill, you're human. No worries mon.
  9. so i guess the answer is yes, 4 23w=100w CFL bulbs will be enough?
  10. ROFL i thought he knew cfls were fluoros so i imagined that he just said they sucked and then said but if you REALLY have to use them just use it cuz youre on a budget. LOL

  11. yeah :)
  12. thanx for your help guys
  13. Yeah, those four bulbs will be sufficient. Not great but will get 'er goin'.
  14. yea ill prolly just get em goin on the CFLs and maby upgrade to MH or something later on.
  15. HPS

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