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Will the smell still be there after a month?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KhanGGura, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. So my parents are going on vacation for a month, and guess what? FREE MODAAA FOCKING BASE:smoke::hello:. Now I was planning to chill and smoke J's in the family room, will the smell still be there after a month if while I smoke a I have a fan and window open. I also will spray the room down as well.
  2. No it won't just keep windows open and spray air fresher like you said and you should be good, oh and make sure there aren't too many fabrics in the room, smoke sticks to fabric
  3. Will the smell be there after a month?
  4. Probably not, no. But i would recommend staying in your room or going into your backyard. J's stink like hell, and anyone walking into your house will realize you've been smoking.
  5. He said a month man. :hello:
  6. I think you would be able to smoke freely for about the first three weeks, then that last week I would only smoke outside and like in my room just to be safe.
  7. no chance! the smell will be gne 15 mins after u extinguish the reefer provided that you keep the windows open and close the door so the smoke doesnt travel all over the house, you wouldnt want randomly unexpected visitors to call do your door and smell weed everywhere...put something along the bottom of the door like a blanket to stop the draught cos i have to do it otherwise my parents can smell it and they dont get too happy when they smell weed cos im not supposed to smoke it in the house... but i dooo:) lol happy tokin brotha!! Bud :smoke:
  8. no it will be gone in like 12 hours lol
  9. nah you're good, but i highly recommend making many edibles (batch of brownies to last you the month?), as you wont have to hide the smell and shit
  10. the smell will be gone in 12 hours tops, whether you open a window or not
  11. Damn man that'd be sock a whole month! Next year it's gonna be just me and my sis, hope she yes to her hrs half the time;) I'll buy like an ounce lol hehe
  12. with a window open and fan blowing, wouldnt 12 hours if you sat beside the window with the fan blowing out IMO
  13. Dude you're going to love life when you move out!
  14. No. Ive smoked J's in my room at night and woke up the next morning with no smell.
  15. OP smokes 3 joints and forgets to open window, gets a call, "Hey honey, were coming home early because our flight was delayed, be there in 10 mins". *insert overly used scared troll face here*
  16. as it has been said, there smell will be gone within a few hours. I smoke cigerettes in my room all the time, then a couple of hours later with the window open, maybe a quick spray of deoderant or something and poof, smells just like normal :)
  17. You might not smell it but a non smoker will. I always know with a cig unless the window was opened and it's been 24ish hours. I don't think weed sticks around as long, but I don't trust my nose for that since I smoke. The wife says it's usually 12ish hours though with air circulation ( she doesn't smoke ).

    If it's not my house I'd prolly smoke outside still. Just a respect thing.

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