Will the smell of weed be gone from my house?

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  1. My friend and i stayed in my house while my parents were gone, and smoked weed in my room with a blanket under the door for about a week straight. We couldn't open any windows because it was too cold outside.
    Then on the last day we febreezed the shit out of the whole house, especially my room. But then my friend wanted to smoke one last bowl before we left, so we did. Then we had to rush out so i just did a couple sprays of blunt spray, which doesnt mask it super well.
    It has been 10 days since we left the house and my parents will be back in it tomorrow. The thermostat was set to 50 or 60 since nobody was there for a while, so there was a little bit of air flow, but not much.
    I'm just wondering if the smell will have faded by now or if it will stick around like cigarette smoke, because my parents are kinda sensitive to smells.
    Also sorry if this is in the wrong place, this is my first time posting here

  2. the smell usually goes away completely at the worst about 12-24 hours
  3. You're probably fine. Invest in some scented candles :)
  4. It would of been better if you cracked the window open so the smell and seep out faster.
    Yeah...preferably weed scented. Then they'll think it's the candles when you're really tokin!
  6. [quote name="fearjar" post="19417521" timestamp="1390859158"]Yeah...preferably weed scented. Then they'll think it's the candles when you're really tokin![/quote]Lol my buddy has weed scented incense and he always lights it after he blazes. It works for him but his parents arnt the smartest ha:HappyToking:
    My 15 year old daughter did the whole incense thing claiming the dog stunk up her room. I walked in on her and a friend to let them know the Pizza had arrived and said "What the fuck is that?"...Oh, it's my incense...I said "I ain't talking about the incense, I'm talking about the fucking weed!" Her and her friend about shit themselves.....
    Seems the little shit had started smoking with her friend a couple of times. She was shocked when I came clean and told her it wasn't going to become a habit and laid down the ground rules.
    No driving high
    No riding with high drivers
    No buying from strangers
    No smoking it in the house
    No smoking before school, or on days before schooldays...
    No stupid ass Facebook posts or references
    No stupid ass videos or pictures
    No bringing friends over to get you high, or get them high.
    If you do, they don't leave / 6 hour minimum
    No FUCKING UP AT ALL EVER! If there is a question on if you are fucking up, you will wonder. Call me or text me and I will tell you if you are fucking up! If you don't wonder if it is fucking up then call me or text me, in which case, yeah...you are probably fucking up!
    Responsible use is learned at home. It doesn't magically happen when you turn a certain age. And could I stop it if I tried? Hell no. The best I could do is make her hide it from me and that is when stupid shit happens. Lucky for me my ploy worked. She stopped because she plays softball and it made her wheeze when running. And she asked me about that....I figure that buys me a few years before she hears about, learns about or can afford a vaporizer. LOL
    In the meantime she comes to me with her problems that she would have normally just hid...like most kids do.
    Fucking government wants us to raise drones, and then expects us to turn them in for dumb shit so they can make us pay out the ass.
      Show me a kid that don't smoke weed nowadays and I'll show you a kid that is either molesting other kids or bullying them. Those kids are the mean ones that become cops and prosecuting attorneys because they want to make life hell for everyone else because their assholes hurt from being clenched up all the time in case their shit might stink or they might fart. Fuck them.........RANT DONE!!
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    Haha, your parents are gonna ground you, and you deserve it.     Next time show some damn respect and take it outside.
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    There isn't a garage or someplace else to smoke besides inside?If you feel you are old enough and responsible enough to smoke, shouldn't you be responsible enough to be honest with your parents? Ok I got all the parent stuff out of the way.
    Don't sweat the smell. I use cone incense because I don't want my house to smell like smoke. I have my own room and I usually put a blanket under the door, open my window, and I use a box fan in the window. After I smoke I light up a cone that my wife buys (smells she likes) close the window and leave the room. When it is cold I usually don't use the fan but still crack the window a couple inches for fresh air. Although cold here and cold there may be two very different things. There is also this awesome spray called Ozium <click link<. I just found it in a solid form<click link< while looking up the link for you, it would be great to leave in the room just to make sure 100% it smells clean. I use the stuff when burning a roadie and it works 100% every time. Just don't be a smarty and try to clam bake your car and expect it to to fool a drug dog, I don't know if you have to worry about that with school or anything. Be smart and stay out of trouble and you will go a long way smoking responsibly, if you act like a fool expect to get into trouble. @[member="fearjar"] is right about rules and responsibility if you are still in school and living with your parents. If you are on your own, a lot of his suggestions are still sage advice.
    Peace :wave:
  10. I keep telling you kids, start keeping a pet goat in your room. its 100% fool proof.
  11. [quote name="snoopdog6502" post="19419183" timestamp="1390875672"]I keep telling you kids, start keeping a pet goat in your room. its 100% fool proof.[/quote]Then the goat will eat all your ganja! Hahhahaha #foolproofSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  12. And the last thing you want alone in the house is a goat with munchies. A red eyed goat with munchies at that...
  13. I don't understand how it can be too cold to smoke? Especially when there is risk involved.I'll go sit in the powder outside my place in breckenridge and spark up a bowl at midnight while the snow is pounding. It's fuckin nice Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  14. Too cold haha. what's so hard about just cracking the window? creates somewhat of a suction at least
  15. Put on a jacket if it's too cold next time or better yet, go smoke at your friends let them get in trouble.Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
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    No shit.   Solution to this problem:  put on a jacket and grow a set of nuts.     It's -30 Celsius where I live during the winter which lasts 5 months out of the year.....growing up I never once smoked inside.    So your 'too cold' excuse is lame-sauce, kiddo.
    Show a bit of respect for the house your parents work extremely hard for so that you have a place to live. 
  17. What is that in Fahrenheit like 0?
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    Haha, no...I just did the conversion:    -22 F    And it gets a lot colder than that with the windchill. 
  19. Lol I'm drunk and couldn't remember the equation thank you kind sir for doing that arithmetic
    You should change the title above your avatar to troll dad.

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