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Will the smell go if I smoke a grape blunt leaning out the window

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jobaclober420, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. .will do
  2. yup

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    Smoking a joint or a blunt will make your entire house smell up, smoking with papers is the number one way to create the most smell.  Only smoke those outside if you are worried about the smell, they are almost impossible to mask. 
    If you want the smell to linger for a shorter amount of time, use a piece. 
  4. You fully lean out of an open window for hours? that sounds like a good way to waste a high man. 
  5. Fuck that dont smoke at all! Make some majic brownies and eat that bitch after your moms dinner while you two watch judge judy after school. Hell thats wat i did lol

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  6. In my experience, the smell will not go away. But if you're going to do it still, make a spoof. Also, the temperature difference from outside to inside will cause the smoke to be sucked into the window if its warmer outside than it is in your house. The best thing to do though would be to set up a fan in the window and blow it into that. Those square industrial fans work amazing for this.
  7. I smoke out my window all the time. Lean out, smoke your blunt, spray, and leave the window open for just a bit. The only thing you'd have to worry about is somebody walking in on you.

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  8. Nah man. Never smoke blunts indoors unless you have to. That shit REEKS the entire house for at least a few hours... if you have to, afterwards burn some candles. That always helps.
  9. smoke a bowl out the window won't smell nearly as much

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  10. yup gotta smoke bowls inside if smell is an issue.. unless you can keep the room locked up and put some towels under the door and hit it up with some smell-goods
    if you hold the smoke in like youre supposed to alot of times its barely visible even when youre looking straight at it, much less if its dark and its just residual smoke. and if you actually smoke inside the room itll stick to curtains, sheets, clothes, pretty much everything. just go out and smoke 
  12. I was considering the same thing, except I'd just keep the window a little cracked open so my hand can fit out there with my joint, bring it in for a toke then blow it out the window. It'd be cool if it worked for at night, but it's easier just to walk outside.
  13. Nah dude a blunt is gonna make the smoke thicker and that shit is gonna reeeeeek! I would just go outside and close all the windowns so the smoke doesnt go inside. Trust me if you do smoke inside no matter what you do is gonna smell

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