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Will the smell go if I smoke a grape blunt leaning out the window

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jobaclober420, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. And spray oust and keep window open for a bit
    Ps don't mention bounce blower
    Ps same for joint
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    Lol the wrap will just add to the smell, not mask it.

    Maybe I misunderstood you since you mentioned the flavor. But yea leaning out the window helps, but dont expect it to not smell at all. Open your window all the way if you can. And when you exhale blow it out hard soit doesnt blow back into the room.
  3. are you smoking in your car?? wtf is going on OP haha...blunts stink
  4. Lol if your parents don't know you smoke and you want to smoke a blunt you best walk and toke

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  5. I lean fully out and keep window open for hours
  6. Just stop being 14 and smoking in your parents house...

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  7. if you need smoke in your house and not have a smell dont do it. it wont work. especially with a blunt. youll be caught, there will be a smell. either go smoke out, or buy some glass. 
  8. no no no. if you think you've got the time to smoke an L in your room, you have enough time to go out back.

    dot risk it, and you'd be very stupid to try it.
    blunts REAK.

    if you really wan to smoke inside, buy a piece so you can take a hit, cover the cherry, and not waste a bunch of smoke between hits. it also doesn't smell a bad as a blunt or joint.
  9. That will stink even if you're leaning out the window

    You know that it would be untrue, you know that I would be a liar, if I was to say to you, girl we couldn't get much higher
  10. I need a little more info like car or house? who u trying to hide the smell from? etc.
    Even if you're leaning out the window, unless you're completely out the window and have it barely open somehow lol, chances are the smoke from the blunt will go inside if you hold the blunt inside or close, air will blow the smoke from the blunt or what you exhale back into the room or you'll have a bit left in your lungs which isnt very visible and will still stick around. Not to mention it sticks to your hair, clothes and your breath even if you do manage to get none of it inside. 
    If the person has ever smelled weed a blunt will be more obvious, nobody smokes grape dutches/swishers for fun, and it doesnt smell like grapes lol it has that distinct blunt smell who everyone knows probably better than joints because most people at parties and stuff dont know much about weed and use blunts especially for groups and especially outside since joints run too fast outside. 
    Your best bet is a one hitter or a vaporizer will basically leave no smell if done right if you can afford it, you can smoke right in front of someone and they wouldnt notice the smell with a vape. I used to put a towel under the door and keep the water running in the shower or something if i wanted to hide the smell before, if you think the water doesnt do anything try hitting your bong once with the stem not inside the water and dont inhale you'll see the smoke sit clean above the water it doesnt even move unless you move.
  11. no way lol but one time I was really drunk and just lit up a joint in my room while my parents were sleeping and luckily they never woke up
  12. Only after a good long time of trying to air it out... That shit lingers.

    Just go for a walk. I used to just take my dog out for walk, and smoke a J or a blunt around my neighborhood all the time, just keep an eye out for people.

    Simply put, just smoke anywhere but in the house. The effort of getting rid of the smell is too much. Fucking having the ceiling fan set to high with the windows open for like 30 minutes, while spraying fabreeze. Leaving for a few minutes then coming back in to check if the smell is gone... All the while stoned as fuck wasting your high, and possibly making you super paranoid... No fun.
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  13. Cheers how long would it be to air out the room
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    I'm toking
    in the house and leaving the window open all night.also when I smoke spiffs in my room leaning out of my window I can't see any smoke come back in most of time,
    Os this always works for spliffs pipes and bongs
  15. why dont you try it and let us know how that goes for ya
  16. All that stuff gives the house a nice feel though..fresh air being circulated with the windows open with the smell of ganja with a slight febreeze scent in the air..just make your house/room permanently like that if you dont want smell to stick, its a little harder in winter but you get used to a colder house lol
  17. #18 eyec0n, Feb 9, 2014
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    naw don't do it man lol
    It's gonna smell, it's gonna make you smell, it's gonna make any area you're in smell like it too.
  18. Nope because the grape flavor blunts are the loudest in my opinion!
    Lmao I'm picturing this in my head ..I'm high as shit!

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