Will the plant die?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by weeddog, May 11, 2004.

  1. Wusup i just wanted to ask will the weed plant die cause i live in florida and it never gets cold lowest temp. we have here is 70F. and some people told me it wont die in fl so will it die and if yes how long will it last.
  2. Everything dies, you know.

    I see no reason why they would unexpectedly die--MJ normally thrives in warm regions.

  3. so how long will it last and when and how should i pick the seeds from the plant.

  4. It should easily last through harvest, which should be late September to early October. Seeds should not appear unless you've got a pollinated female, in which case you would pick the seeds out at the time of smoking the bud.

  5. how do i get a pollinated female? Will the male and the female come out of the same seed or spreat seeds and if spreat seeds how do pollinat the female cause i will be growing in pots

  6. To pollinate a female, one must have access to a male MJ plant that is in flowering. There is a common practice where growers take 3 or 4 Q-tips (cotton ear swabs) and brush them around on the buds of a male plant. Then, all of the swabs are tossed in an airtight bag, three times over.

    Take one female out and get something that will signify one single branch of buds from the others. Take a swab from the bag and brush it around on the bud.

    Selectively pollinating plants like this is the easiest way to get a few seeds and the rest of the plant is grown sinsemilla--without seeds.

    If you want a buttload of seeds, though, just grow one male and 1+ female to pollinate the entire crop. You will literally have hundreds of seeds this way.

  7. but are the seeds spreat or the male and female comes out of one seed?

  8. One seed, one plant. Either male or female.

    Though I wouldn't suggest it, you could technically get seeds and bud from one plant. Start a plant indoors and get it to flowering. If it's female, keep it. Once it's began to flower a bit, mess with the poor plant's head by giving it a 13/11 light cycle: run a normal 12/12 and during the plant's night time, switch the light on for one hour.

    This will cause your plant to turn hermaphrodite, in which case they will grow male buds as well as female buds and pollinate itself.

  9. lets say i got a male and a female how far apart sohuld they be to pollinate? And what is 13/11 light cycle: run a normal 12/12 and during the plant's night time, switch the light on for one hour.

  10. I would keep the two plants 12"-24" away from eachother at the planting sites.

    When I said 12/12, that refers to the plant's light source being on for 12 hours and off for 12 hours. The 13/11 was to signify a regular 12/12 light cycle with one extra hour of the light being on during the night.

  11. can i put the male and female in to the same 5 Gal pot
  12. Big no-no. One plant per pot, or else the roots of the two plants will entangle, begin fighting for water/nutrients, and will eventually kill eachother off in doing so.

  13. how would i tell if the plant is female or male
  14. Read the other post you made, lol.


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