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Will THC Show Up on a Pre-Surgical Blood Test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TeeSon5, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. Tomorrow I have an appointment at the hospital for an MRI on my toe. Apparently I a ganglionic cyst (or something similar) on my big toe... and tomorrow is my MRI appointment. I've never had an MRI taken before but I don't think they'll test my blood tomorrow if it's just a standard MRI, right? Do they usually blood test before an MRI?

    Anyways ... I'm almost positive that I'm going to need surgery to remove this because my doctor has already tried other non-surgical options which have been failing. So even if they don't drug test me at the MRI ... it's still a standard procedure to blood test before surgery ... any time of surgery.

    Well .. I've smoked marijuana and I'm wondering if the THC is going to show up on their tests... do they test for drugs in their blood tests or just what type I am so that if the need arises .. they give me some blood during surgery?

  2. doctor patient confidentiality
  3. What if I am a minor? Do they have the right to tell my parents or legal guardian at the time of test?

    Even if I wasn't a minor though ... isn't it a federal law for doctors to call the police when illegal substances are detected regardless of who it is taking them?
  4. Unless they are doing a blood test specifically to look for drugs nothing will come from it.
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    As much of an overrated job they have, doctors shouldn't have you lose your job prior to an MRI, so i wouldn't worry.

  6. I'm not 100% absolutely sure but I think they're looking for my blood type and other information about my blood so that they can find a right blood donator. I think it's standard procedure to have back up blood just encase the patient starts to bleed out excessively during a surgery ...

    My question is ... will THC show up on these type of tests? And how sure are you 100%?

  7. No, doctor-patient confidentiality forbades them.

    THC and other cannabinoids won't show up in standard blood tests, they need to be looking for them specifically. (Toxicology screen)
  8. Is he right?

  9. Alright thats good to hear ... if I am correct all they are looking for is blood type and other information like iron level I guess (random example) or anything else required to find me a blood match.

    If this is true then I should be fine because my doctor has no reason to be suspicious for marijuana... but how POSITIVE are you that no THC shows up on a regular blood test? I mean it just seems that THC is such a common thing that ANY drug test for ANY standard reason would show it ... even if it's just for surgery.

    ON ANOTHER NOTE THOUGH --Wouldn't he want to know if I have been drinking or something so that he can treat that? I mean he doesn't want to go to surgery with a kid who is full of alcohol (I don't drink-- just another example) ... but if he is going to look for alcohol in my blood why not THC too?
  10. your doc isn't drug testing you, LOL. 90% of the posters don't know what they fuck they're talking about.
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    Yes, however there are other variables to take into account. e.g. hair length, etc, etc.

    It shows up on drug tests, not blood tests. 100%. THC isn't a common molecule, it is specific to the cannabis plant.

    If you are scheduled for surgery you will be given pre-surgery checklists, documents, etc. Surgeons expect you to follow them and not lie, why would you have any reason to in the first place? They won't blow funds and medical personnel on tox screening someone to make sure they didn't drink the night before surgery-- they just assume patients aren't that mentally inept and are responsible enough to follow their instructions.

    In any case, doctor-patient confidentiality exists so this is a moot point. It really doesn't matter if they end up finding THC in your system as long as they didn't specifically tell you to stop smoking prior to surgery.
  12. You are being WAY too paranoid about this. I can tell you from personal experience that they will not give you a tox screening prior to your surgery. They're testing your blood for any obvious deficiencies, they wan't to make sure you're healthy enough for an operation.

  13. i smoked a day or 2 before gallbladder surgury. they said no 'street drugs' or marijuana. lol i was just getting my bud when my mom told me to listen to the surgery hotline and i smoked anyway! :smoking:
  14. Nah, they don't test for drugs. Also Gang Green? I almost had a toe amputated over them thinking I had Gang green, so good luck there. I had a test a few weeks ago the results came back with just stuff inside my blood like iron, plate counts, etc.

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