Will somone clean my room please?

Discussion in 'General' started by Bindin13, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I will offer 1 blunt of dank for the first person to clean my room.

  2. .... Its not even that dirty...
  3. Easiest room to clean ever..
  4. Sure why dont you post where you live and see who shows up
  5. just looks like u took everything out that blue bucket and took a pic.

    now put it all back and take another pic.

    BOOM! you are done.
  6. Nah, that shit ain't suppose to be in their. It suppose to go in the Washer, than dryer, then my dresser please.

    + That's only like a corner of my room ha. It doesn't look much cleaner anywhere else though.
  7. GROW UP! Goodness! You sound like a whiny 14 year old! :cry:

    "Man up" and go clean your room! :p

    Save the blunt for your reward! :smoke:

    Granny :wave:
  8. Messy.... the apartment i just moved into took a professional cleaning crew 24 hours in work (not just 8 hours 1 day, it took 8 hours, 3 days in a row, with 4 people, 2 extra if you include my gf and myself) to get to a condition where they gave up and handed the responsibility to me.

    Id give someone an oz if they had come and cleaned the fuckin place lol, cheaper than what those people got paid i can promise you, but, it wasnt my deposit being used haha, im not fucking disgusting like the previous people
  9. Dam...Look's like I'm gonna have to do this all on my own, but I don't get to smoke as a reward. (Just started T-break yesterday -.- )
  10. so you decide to take a t break and have someone come clean your room, that makes no sense. when you're sober and bored im sure you'll be able to yourself lol.
  11. A blunt to pick up a few clothes and throw them in the closet? Fuckin easy A.

    You should see my friend Chos' room. God. Damn.

    I had to clear a path in order for us to walk. I call it the road of chos. Theres a clear path that leads to the couch, his tv, his desk, and the door way. Floor is filled with empty bottles, clothing, trash from everyone that figures its already a mess so they leave their shit there. Oh and he has like 5 cats living inside that small ass apartment so it smells like cat shit all the time and its hot as fuck.
  12. You should just leave your window open.

    That Cleaning Fairy would be around in no time to take care of that mess.

    ...Just don't be shocked when it's invisible, y'know, from getting stolen
  13. Clean that shit, bitch!
  14. Easiest room to clean, here's the solution.
    Take all the clothes and put in the bin.
  15. ^ Ugh, already been explained. Theirs more to it than that... :(

    (Btw, this thread was never meant to be serious to any level)
  16. Idk bro. Room looks pretty small.

  17. ^ College

  18. I think he was more stating the size = easy to clean, and from the pic, we can tell the carpet is pretty damn clean, and all it seems to need is a quick laundry run..... lol that aint cleaning at all, thats called picking up
  19. wait until you get an entire house to clean ..:rolleyes:
  20. I'll do it... almost outta weed :(

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