Will smoking tobaco out of a weed resin/ash filled bowl peice/bong increase y tolerance

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    I have an interesting question for smokers out there

    So i have been smoking pops , for those who dont know what a pop is its a cut of a ciggarete in a pop peice with a bit of weed stamped on top ,

    But anyways i have been smoking these for about a year and a half everday and have only cleaned my bong a few times

    Today i started a tolerance break but i just cant go cold turkey no smoking at all, so i still wanna smoke a pop just without the weed (only the ciggarete cut) out of my dirty resining bong and pop peice / bowl peice. The question is, when i light the popper (no weed on top) am i also burning the marijuana resin thats caked in and around the bowl peice and bong from a year of smoking like 10 bong hits a day, and is my is my tolerance therefor not going down at all because of the little bit of marijuana smoke that mixes in with the tobaco smoke from the resin on the sides of the pop peice/bowl peice?

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  2. This is one of the most retarded things I've read. Nobody really uses bongs for tobacco.
    Stop smoking tobacco and stick to pure weed.
  3. Sort your life out
  4. Neither of you have smoked tobaco and obviously dont understand its addicting as fuck , atleast im not smoking ciggarettes

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  5. my best advice is just stop smoking pops or whatever, quit tobacco. can tell you've already built some sort of addiction to it. 
    to answer your question, it wont raise your tolerance noticeably, but if its caked with resin then you'll probably getting a little high or buzzed even. so yeah it will. i would pick up an e-cig or something and hit it a few times a day. take your tolerance break. after 3 days it will be extremely easy. and usually if you're a not a heavy toker 72 hours is all it takes to get you on your ass after smoking a bowl. 
  6. That bong sounds nasty. And an e-cig is said to be more damaging than cigarettes. Tobacco is addicting but if you switch to just weed it will be easy to quit. You'll live longer and feel better.
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    nah.  its a new thing. some people call them snaps or some shit
    i mean moles
    it gives you a massive buzz, and i would just clean it out if your worried about smoking resin
  8. You ever think people who don't smoke it know it's addicting as fuck and that's why they don't smoke it?  And it sounds like you actually are smoking cigarettes, granted you're cutting them up first and then ripping them in a bong..which sounds even grosser than just a pack a day or whatever but hey keep on enjoying those cancer rips [​IMG]
    And no I doubt the resin would have any weed since you barely use any in the first place.  Most of the resin would be cigarette resin so you're all good!
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     So, you use a bong reguarly that's been soiled in tobacco and weed resin for over a year....
    I shudder to think how revolting the smell of that piece is. How do you even inhale around that thing let alone when your mouth is in it?
    But to answer your question, no you won't raise tolerance from smoking (or indirectly smoking as you're describing) resin.
    ktmitch, on 14 Apr 2015 - 8:58 PM, said:
    Lmao do you realise how stupid you sound , clearly smoking one or two tonaco bowls is alot healthier then smoking a pack day
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    Almost half of smokers mix there weed with tobaco cry about it pussy
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    I don't think you realize it's not so clear cut. Smoking bowls of tobacco is different than a cigarette. You're condensing much more smoke into the lungs than you ever would from a cigarette drag. So the question really is, is the long term damage of slow inhales worse, or is getting a half of cigarette into your lung in one bong rip a few times a day more damaging.
    Generally we see in humans than binge use tends to do more damage than long term use, but all speculation. 
  10. Enjoy the never ending addiction! if you want to get lung cancer at 40 that's none of my biz 
  11. I'm from Australia so I'm well aware about mixing in tobacco to the chop to save on weed and for the headrush. At least 80% of smokers I know do it and I occasionally do it only when in a group. I was just referring to smoking just tobacco out of bongs and how that's not a very good idea.

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