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Will smoking once or twice completely ruin a tolerance break?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Helljumper, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. I was planning on taking a 3-week tolerance break while I'm home from university on Christmas break. Before this, I've been smoking multiple times a day (usually) since pretty much the beginning of 2012 (although I did take a 1.5 week tolerance break before 4/20 and a forced one-week break while on vacation in July).

    I was 9 days into my break, but then I smoked a blunt with my cousins on Christmas. I got pretty high, but nowhere near as high as I would expect after a tolerance break. I expected this, since I had heard that you need to take at least a 2-3 week break for significant effects. I have another week and a half or so left before I go back to school and plan to go back to frequently smoking dank. I want to smoke again on New Year's with friends.

    So here's the rundown of my break:
    Day 1 - 9: No weed
    Day 10: Smoked 3 blunts of mids throughout the night amongst 5 people.
    Day 11 - 15: No weed
    Day 16: Plan on smoking a little bit to get a decent cross going on New Year's.
    Day 17 - 21: No weed
    Day 22: Go back to school. T-Break officially over. I will pick up an O and blaze fat for the first few weeks of the school quarter.

    So my question is ... is it even worth it to continue my tolerance break as planned or did I already ruin it by smoking once?

    When I go back to smoking heavily on Day 22, will my tolerance be about the same as if I took a full 21 day tolerance break since I only smoked a little bit on two days during the break? Or will it be like I just took a small tolerance break from Day 17-21 because that was the last time I smoked?
  2. you don't need a 3 week break... 3 days is enough. don't smoke for 72 hours and come back to it with a clear head and see how fucked up you get.
  3. After I haven't smoked for a couple days I get stupid high.
  4. yea same. i go to another planet. sometimes its scary.

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