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Will smoking help with my flu symptoms?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Deleted member 699232, Aug 1, 2017.

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    Woke up atleast 8 times every hour last night, in a cold sweat, with aches and pains all over with added nausea. I'm doing finals all this week at school, and need to make it through the day. Has anyone heard of MJ helping with flu symptoms or helping to slow/ halt the progression of a sickness? (Any MEDICAL STUDIES on the effects of CBD/ THC on colds and flus?)
    Looks like it can help
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  3. Probably isn't a good idea to smoke anything while sick with a virus.
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  4. Not at all....sorry

    smoking is the worst as in most cases

    those tiny hairs that protect you from bugs and viri are killed by smoking

    maybe some aspirin and lemon tea

    I'd use the opportunity to lower my tolerance

    and drink whiskey instead

    just a nip

    good luck
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  5. Yea but what I'm really looking for is hard proof and valid sources on cannibis's effects on viruses. Plus nobody would have anything to post if they went to google for answers on everything.
  6. It'll help you even if you have Syphilis symptoms. Go ahead
  7. No it will just rip the lungs up more than the hacking
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  8. Nope, sorry. The only feeling it will take away is the nausea, but it may burn the hell out of your lungs. I've also found if you continue to smoke while sick, you can make a sickness last longer, I had a regular cold and I kept smoking daily (it makes sense because you're reusing a pipe with old sick germs on the mouthpiece, plus smoke going in probably isn't good, I'm sure if you could avoid the smoking part and use an edible instead, you'd be A-okay) thru it all and it turned a regular cold to bronchitis and it last 2 wks or longer.
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  9. no way when i smoke i feel even worse when i get sick. combustion of any substance and inhaling the burning fumes of anything will not be good for the lungs and if you are sick will make you feel worse in my own experience. never tried a tea or edibles maybe that will help. but in my own experience i would not smoke again when i get sick. even if i just wanted to go back to sleep.
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  10. Weed could help but smoking won't. I use my vape if sick, or edibles.
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  11. Definately gonna try to vape. no smoking when sick makes complete sense.

    Hey man don't listen to all these replies they are basing their information on physical feelings and assumption not science. Of course it's going to hurt your throat when you smoke, you have a sore throat... it will do the same thing when you drink water or eat that doesn't mean water or food is bad for you it simply means your throat is sore and it will feel agitated when disturbed. Take a look at this...

    Diminishing Suffering from Colds and Flu with Medical Marijuana

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