Will smoking help my cold?

Discussion in 'General' started by DailyDealer, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. so i don't got a runny noise but i got a temp of 102 and i feel super crappy and have no energy. and i took fever stuff but idk.
  2. No o_O you're sick, stay in bed, drink plenty of fluids. And unless your fever gets any higher, don't try and bring it down. Fevers serve a purpose believe it or not, and bringing it down unnecessarily will delay recovery.
  3. Smoking isn't a smart thing to do when sick. Maybe vapes or edibles could work but I've never tried it myself.
  4. dam i feel like shit :(
  5. Yeah don't smoke.. sounds like you've got more than a cold. I've got a cold. My nose is so stuffed up I feel like I just went on a unmentionable binge..
  6. yea dude only thing fevers are good for is frying my brain in my head like a skillet
  7. Fevers actually help the body destroy pathogens; The T-cells send a message to the Hypothalamus causing a rise in temperature, to increase the metabolic rate. T-cells work most efficiently at a body temp level of, oh, 101+. Viruses are also susceptable and weakened by this heat, and bacteria are choked off from their needed iron supply to reproduce (fevers drastically lower blood iron levels).

    Unless you break 104, there is no danger of frying your brain.
  8. I always smoke regardless of my cold, that could be why I can't ever remember being THAT sick for more than a couple days. It's medication to my body.
  9. smoking anything is bad for you when you have a cold....duh
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    I smoke everyday, I pretty much have to lol, being sick will not stop me, period.

    It won't help your lungs that's for damn sure, but it will make you feel much much better than anything you could possibly do to alleviate your symptoms for at least 20 minutes or so lol, you can count on that. You won't feel sick for a little bit of time. Usually smoking while sick actually clears up my sinuses. But if it's a chest cold, smoking will be almost impossible. Small hits or you'll be coughing and blowing your nose for 20 minutes lol.

    EDIT: Oh, eat it if you can. You will forget you're sick for hours and you won't have to fuck your lungs up.
  11. when i get a cold it takes a good 7 days before it starts to go down.
    I recently tried smoking when i had a cold coming on and it went the next day, whenever i get a cold i smoke bud now haha cures all the horrible symptoms surprisingly fast, thats for me anyway

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