Will smoking blunts mess up your tolerance to vaping ?

Discussion in 'General' started by xspryox, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. I ordered a dry herb vaperizor

    Can I still smoke blunts
    or will that mess up my tolerance for when I'm vaping ?
  2. Isn't the whole point of vaping to avoid smoking? lol I feel you though, you're tolerance will be ok as long as it's an occasional blunt.
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  3. Just smoking a different strain of weed will change your tolerance just smoke untill your high and then stop don't smoke blunt after blunt after blunt get high wait for it to wear off then smoke again

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  4. When you smoke a blunt you smoke a lot of weed at one time. Smoking large quantities with any kind of regularity will raise your tolerance for sure. It's more about consistency though like even if you smoked a few blunts a week it would probably have a nearly non noticeable impact on your tolerance. It's more about doing it often I think. At least for me I'd have to be smoking a fuck load for my tolerance to raise to the point that I'd care at all. Could be different for you though.
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  5. I usually don't imao but if my buddy offer to smoke with me I just don't wanna turn it down lol
  6. If he hasnt bought a wrap yet then tell him to pack the weed in the vape. Win win

    But yea just keep the blunts to no more than 3-4 times a week and u shud be fine. Its like a gram or two average amount in a blunt so yes its a lot.

    However you get way higher off the same amount in a vape, because it extracts a lot more of the thc. Altho if u want the other cannabinoids (including cbd) you will have to smoke the vaped material
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