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Will smell from a joint wake my parents up?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by PiggyD, Jul 24, 2017.

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  1. Hi, want to burn a small joint (single sheet) but my parents are asleep with the window open. The oly place I can smoke is in the garden n front of the window. Will it wake them up or nah?
  2. They shouldn't wake up lol just smoke a joint then go shower so you dont smell of weed
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    If they wake up there's a chance they could smell it if you're smoking near an open window. To solve this smoke somewhere else, or blow the smoke completely away from the window. If you smoke near an open window it will smell inside a very small amount. I don't know if scents wake people up or not

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  4. Dude smoke in their room so when they wake up they cant smell it since they will be used to it. OR BETTER YET! Smoke outside or dont smoke at all until you are 18 and out of the house
  5. trust me this is how you awaken satan
  6. I am smoking outside they just have their window open which is the whole point of the thread
  7. If they smoke
    Yes They will be banging on your door for a puff
  8. Yes. Wind is a factor though (depending on what direction that could make it a non-issue). Use a sploof...and it'd be better to make a homemade pipe if stealth smoking. There's a lot of excess smoke that you can't use smell reduction techniques on with Jays.

    Besides it's possible that it was the neighbor next door. How would they know it was you for sure?

    Take a shower. Brush yo teeth afterward.
  9. Make a spoof I beleave it's called. A toilet paper cardboard roll with dryer sheets in it. Blow your hits into that. Gets rid of a lot of the canabis aroma. Anyways your to young to smoke. I'm going to call your parents because I can see you out my windo right now. I can't believe what a small world this is. I mean really your in trouble.
  10. Thanks for the helpful comments, I have a smoke buddy just don't know how effective it wI'll be with a joint but I'll give it a shot. I'm 22 BTW just working on getting my own place haha
  11. Just busting your balls. Who cair if they smell it your 22
  12. Smoke on the roof.


    In full glory. :ph34r:
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  13. I'd think at 22 you would have a better idea of what may or may not wake up your parents than strangers would, but if they were my parents there's no telling when they're actually asleep at all. Sleep problems run in the family, plus they both snore really loudly and wake each other up all the time. They also are pretty sensitive to smoke.

    But your parents? Hell if I know. Also don't know how far away the window is from the garden, etc. I have no idea if the breeze usually goes toward the window or in a different direction, etc.

    If you want to try to cover the smell......don't even bother. You cannot hide the smell of a joint by masking the smell of just what you exhale. Period. If you have to hide the scent, you ought to vape or use a pipe.

    When I need to be very careful about smell, I've always used a super tedious but almost foolproof method. The trick is to milk every hit for everything it's got AND to take repeated tiny hits over and over until you've had enough. I use a glass "spoon" pipe and put a tiny pinch of bud in the bottom. About half a hit's worth - NOT a full, normal hit. The idea is to ensure you fill up only a small portion of your lung capacity with smoke, then chase it with cool air, which makes the smoke much more tolerable. Hold it for several seconds, exhale through a tube filled with drier sheets (fresh ones!). The half-hits mean you can comfortably hold the smoke longer, but more importantly they virtually guarantee that you will clear -every- bit of weed out of the pipe with each hit. This is crucial, because it's the sidestream that trips you up. You can cover up the smell of the smoke you get in a hit, but not the smoke that comes off the pipe or joint between hits. Pipes are inherently less smokey than joints if you smoke them slowly, putting them out between hits...but there's still some sneaky smoke ready to give you away. Loading less than a normal hit each time you take a hit means it will take longer to get high, but it also means that you will have -no- smoke unaccounted for. Even using a one hitter I usually am not personally able to clear the whole thing all in one hit, and it can have that smoke wafting out of it...using about half that amount is key for keeping things discreet.

    Still, if the garden is right next to their window, repeated lighter flashes could give you away as easy as the smell.
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  14. Nothing like getting "high" up high.

    Roof is a very underrated option. Raise the roof?
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  15. We don't allow threads and posts about hiding things from parents, I'm closing this. Posts like this makes it look like you're underage, and not old enough to be a member here. If you don't want people to think that you're underage, regardless of how old you say you are, don't make threads and posts like this.
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