will she ever go to sleep

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  1. fuck I just get off of work from UPS (manual labor ftl) so I want to smoke a fucking bowl and my mom has been sitting on her computer since I got home at 4AM SHES STILL FUCKING ON THERE AND I NEED HER TO GET OFF SO I CAN SMOKE A FUCKING BOWL ><... so annoying.
  2. i dont think so man shes gunna be there for ever!!!!!!!!!!!
    haha nahh u shud just go for a stroll n smoke the bowll=]
  3. Yeah, I don't think that would work at all, I've never gone on 6am strolls around the block, a bit suspicious.. its really fuckin annoying though, all I want to do is smoke a bowl, eat the peanut butter n jelly sammiches i have in the fridge and go to sleep after a hard nights work.. is that so much to ask for? :[
  4. that is fucking ludacris bro, i feel sorry for you
  5. sneek some ambien into her lat night drinks next time.
  6. Why not smoke on your way back from work before you get to the house?

    I'm sure you have to drive to and from work, right? Perfect opportunity. Afterward, you could eat your sandwiches in the peace of your room without worrying about what your mother was doing.
  7. dude if you're already tired go straight to sleep, save the bud for when you wake up and you'll feel it way more...
  8. Late night parents are extra annoying for the smoke-at-home stoner. You can always take a drive to some back corner of your area and burn it up or, yeah, just go for a walk to do it.
  9. Maybe your mom has an online lover or something.

    If she is so involved in what she is doing online then I doubt she would notice if you open a window, pop the screen, and hop out. Or maybe the garage or the balcony or something. You could turn on the bathroom exhaust thing and take a few fabric softener sheets and stuff them into an empty paper towel roll then puff through that. The exhaust will suck up the smoke but the filter will get nasty and it will smell sort of like the dryer. That's the best I got!
  10. lol shes probally up because she thinks your still up smoking crack:p
  11. thats nothing i smoke on the late nights roung like midnight but im in my room with my green rolled up in a dutch open my door and hear the tv on downstairs shit its my granny and she gonna watch tv down there till like 3 am i be passin back and forth steaming praying she goes upstairs so i can smoke and not hear why do u smeel like weed and why is ur eyes red bs btw this happens everyday >.<
  12. she probably knows you got the bud hook up

    smoke her up homie, ...by the time you're done, it'll be breakfast time, and moms (From what i hear) are naturally gifted breakfast makers

    its all just a matter of taking advantage of the situation
  13. lol I know the feeling. My dad is the same way. I had to sit around last night until 1am when he finally went to bed.
  14. Light an incense and blow your smoke out the window ( better yet put a little box fan or something in your window and blow into that) i do this everyday while my parents are walking around cooking or whatever, no problems.
  15. i just have a toilet paper roll with dryer sheets and blow the smoke into that and it smells like the dryer sheet. not like smoke at all.
  16. truth homie i got 2 window fans in my room plus a lock... then i might spray some axe or febrees after... i've never got caught but poping the screen out of the basement window taking a step outside and smoking up with a friend is down right sick
  17. lol fuck i hate moms like that up doing stupid shit when theyre not supposed to. 4am is smoke a bowl time not read about stupid mom shit.

    my mom does the same shit I just walk in and be like "dont you have to wake up in the mornning" its like she wont do it herself but when u remind her...

    If your 18 or over, just go outside.. what can they do? Is it that big of a deal?

    try, "Mom, gonna get some fresh air real fast, be back in a minute"?

    Your making it a big deal.
  19. ust make a doobtube get some dryer sheets stuff them inside a empt toilet paper roll the guy above me said it or just go in the bathroom to take a "shower" before you go to sleep ad turn the water on really hot and blow smoke through a rag thats what i do then just wash the rag

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