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  1. Will she be ok to switch lights over Friday? Over the weekend I wasn't as attentive as I should of been. My girls are in soil/perlite mix. I had a bit of a high run off a couple weeks ago so I was feeding with close to 6.0 Ph. I believe the soil balanced out and the last feeding I did was low(well 2 feeds ago yesterday was more round 6.3) they are looking better and yellowing stopped I think. I bought one of those 3 in 1 PH, light, soil moister tester to read PH with too. Are they any good??? I don't do a 10% run off with them I don't have a good setup to do it.( will improve next time) I have a couple smaller containers and I do run off with them. I no next time to also fill containers more. Do you think PH is the problem and will they be fine??? sry for all the questions. 7-12.jpeg 7-12a-2.jpeg


    7-17.jpeg 7-17-2.jpeg THESE ARE THEM ON 7-17-17( some of the spots that look brownish are shadows on the leaves they don't have brown. thanks...
  2. Anyone??? if not PH what would this be? do you think I can flower on Friday?
  3. They want a slightly stronger nutrient solution and they're getting low on magnesium. Those light almost stripped areas you see between the leaf veins are the beginning signs of magnesium deficiency. You're also showing nitrogen deficiency since your plant is relocating some of it's available nitrogen from the bottom to the top of the plant.

    I would add some epsom salt to the routine. That's magnesium sulfate. If you purchase a bag it will have plant feed directions. I would also consider adding some blackstrap molasses for extra sugars during stretch and a boost of micronutrients. Besides that increase your current feed routine by at least 1ml/gallon, maybe 2 for a couple of feedings to help bounce it back. You should be feeding in about the 6.2-6.4 range since you're not fully hydro.
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  4. OK I am using the GO box nutes. bio thrive grow 8ml, cal/mag 5ml,bio roots 8ml, bio weed 3ml, and bio marine 5ml/gal ive been feeding them a little over 1/2 gal ea. bout every 4 days. should I still add Epsom salt? Or up those nutes?I will be getting blackstrap. Thanks so much. I just fed yesterday so ill have to give her a day or 2 still. Unless gets worse.
  5. Well, that does sound like quite a bit of feed but your plant is telling me it wants more and it wants magnesium especially. It's not a bad idea to have some epsom salt in your gardening cabinet in general. It's cheap and lasts a long time. The best way to cure a deficiency if you don't have big bud development yet is a foliar spray. Plants take in nutrients many times faster through the leaves compared to the roots. When you're talking about correcting a deficiency foliar spray is always better. I would consider reading the directions on the cal/mag you have and doing a foliar feed with that and possibly a lite mix of bio marine. I'm pretty sure that's a mostly kelp heavy bio feed.

    I advise against foliar spraying when you have large buds developed already because it can leave you in danger of mold or bud rot.

    I think every 4 days is a long time to go between feedings. I currently have 2 plants in promix/perlite I'm budding, fed with GH nutes, and they drink about 1/4- 1/2 gallon a day.
  6. You could try a daily foliar spray for a few days without changing your current feeding and see how that effects things. Just light bio marine and cal/mag is what I would spray. The underside of the leaves you want to make sure to get.
  7. You can switch it over whenever you want to 12/12. Many times a plant will bounce back from a health problem just from the shock of going into flower.
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  8. OK sounds good. I just seen may people say u shouldn't switch unless plants in the best of health. I think they look okay. Back to how the where minus the yellow that wont go away. I'm getting a 110w LED mostly on red scale to add in there. If they seem to be doing fine then ill switch. I'm not trying to hurry them all that much but the canopy is already filling up about 75% of the space. Can make it little more room once I have 2nd light. once I put both LEDs in there in your opinion(I no what ever make the plants the happiest is probably best) should I put on under vipar and plant under 110w or like rotate every week(maybe not in late flower don't no if I should be handling them that much)?
  9. I like the theory of nursing them back to health first. If you veg them longer you'll just have a larger harvest especially if they spend the whole stretch period in optimal health feeding rapidly. I've done the same thing and I wasn't sorry.

    I actually ended up buying a product called Advanced nutrients Revive. It's for sick plants. It's basically a chelated cal/mag/iron sup. It did work wonders for me. I think it was mostly a phosphorus deficiency problem for me. That was a hard one to figure out. If you veg heavy on grow nutrients you'll eventually get phosphorus deficiency with cannabis. Most grow nutrients are low on phosphorus and cannabis is a heavy phosphorus feeding plant. The two don't mix. Many people that grow in hydro veg with a bloom nutrient because the npk balance in bloom nutrients is more optimal for cannabis. Many "grow" nutrients have an almost lack of phosphorus.
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  10. ok I thought I was on track of with them looking good again. but seems like the mag, problem is climbing. I fed again today. (soil felt like no water at all) Ive notice that the temps are getting around 90 give or take 2 deg. and humidity is around 35%-42% could that cause this? also I'm planning now on trying to setup in basement to help with temps. should this be ok seeing they are not in best shape and will be going to lot dif. environment?(I will set light up for 15-30 min ahead and bring them out of closet b4 going straight to colder basement.(If things work out)
  11. Anything above about 84-85 is going to have negative effects. On the hot summer days I've hit 86 and they get by but not happily. Optimal temp is around 78. If there's anything you can do to keep it lower then about 84 do it. It could have something to do with your issues. They don't like being that hot. 82 doesn't worry me but 90 sure does.
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  12. Ok relocated them in the basement. It stays between 74-70 day and around 68-70 night RH is on avg. 55%. Havent foilair fed yet due to working on moving environment and actual move. plants are still not great but not much worse. seeing temp. change was huge I think they are looking alright. I'll post another pic. soon.
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  13. Here are the updated pics. 7-24.jpeg 7-24-1.jpeg
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  14. Here is an update in case anyone was wanting one!!! :) 8-20-2.jpeg 8-20-2a.jpeg
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  15. Thanks,Not to sure they are bag seed but from same bag. There are couple more pics on my other form if you go there.
  16. Hi another update. And a question one of my buds are turning brown/orange a bit is this normal???? The plants were flipped 12/12 on 8-14 almost 3wk ago. All others are still white. heres pics. 20170902_163942.jpg 20170902_164019.jpg 20170902_164036.jpg 20170902_173244.jpg

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