Will Seroquel show up on home drug test?

Discussion in 'General' started by XSN, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. Simple question, will Seroquel show up on home drug test kit from Walgreens?

    The site, athomedrugtest.com says that it only test for Meth, Ecstacy, MJ, Coke, and Opiates

    Im pretty sure Seroquel is "antipsychotic" but i just wanted to be certain
  2. nope only the NIDA 5, pot, coke, meth, x, and heroin/opiates
  3. seriquil is a sleepin pill aint it,,,, i know my ex gave me some in the past so i could get some good sleep,,,,

    shit made me wake up fellin like i was drunk,,,, i hate pills..............:cool:
  4. Naa its a anti psychotic pill but thas basically all it does, Knock your ass out.
  5. Aight cool...thanks for the info everybody
  6. well no wonder she had these pills,,,, that was one psychotic bitch,,,,,:rolleyes:

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