Will second hand pot smoke affect my dog?

Discussion in 'General' started by zephyrstaint, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I dont mean get him high, hell, id never do that, but sometimes he's around when i smoke and it gets me paranoid and i put him out. Is it at all harmful to him? is there a risk?
  2. well dogs certainly do get high , my friend blew smoke in his dogs face and his dog start stretching and slept for like 12 hours
  3. Hate to be the party pooper but you can't talk about getting animals high on here.
    EDIT: I'm a dumb ass, misread the post. Not sure if it would count or not.
  4. YES it can you must not smoke anywhere near you dog.

    1: His lungs are ultra sensitive
    2: the high is like a constant green out.
    3: it can actually kill him from dehydration

  5. source??

    my dog is like the one on dude wheres my car.... I have to hide my weed from her
  6. Better safe than sorry. Dont risk it

    Does it matter?

  7. Kind of irrelevent but may help some people out.


  8. Lethal Dose of Marijuana
  9. ^ This. ^^ That.
  10. Don't risk it. My dog ate a weed brownie she was fucking stoned off her ass could barely walk and peed randomly shaking her head. Kinda scary, since she's fine and it was so long ago it's funny but I still remember how scared I was when it w happening
  11. Color me confused but in the paragraph above you refer to your dog as "him" but under the picture, the dog is your "girl". Did he become a she or is that a different dog?
  12. Just put your dog somewhere else while you smoke, then chill with him after. I wouldn't risk it.
  13. I smoke around my dog all the time, he doesn't like the smell so I just let him out my room, sometimes he sleeps during sessions but he's never high. I always keep a fan on and window open, and of course avoid any second hand smoke to blow in his direction. He's only 15-20 pounds and 7 years old. And a very flat face, but so far he seems perfectly fine and unaffected.

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