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Will reduced-fat Jif work when making firecrackers?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Rahstas, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. This is all I have now and i am wondering if it would work.
  2. Mix in some olive oil or another kind of oil.

    Not car oil, that would be bad.
  3. yeah do that, or a slice of butter
  4. how do you reduce the fat in peanut butter :confused:. fat is good for you... :confused_2:
  5. [quote name='"Cold Beahs"']how do you reduce the fat in peanut butter :confused:. fat is good for you... :confused_2:[/quote]

    You've never heard of or seen low fat peanut butter? Try walking into a grocery store and open your eyes!!! No. You need fat!!
  6. how many grams of fat are in your peanut butter?
  7. you just embarrassed yourself. learn macro nutrition.
  8. [quote name='"Cold Beahs"']
    you just embarrassed yourself. learn macro nutrition.[/quote]

    No , you embarrassed yourself. Wake up!

  9. wow... learn to read maybe? i never said they dont make it... when you said, " No, you need fat!!!" it implied that you think im skinny because i need fat, and you are overweight so you need to avoid fat.

    my first post was basically a nice way of telling people that buy into marketing schemes, such as reduced fat peanut butter, to go educate themselves... peanut butter IS fat. and infact, it isnt reduced fat. the servings sizes are just smaller..

    this post was a little more upfront :rolleyes:
  10. We are talking about edibles. You need fat. Nobody here is having conversations about your weight or obesity. This about extracting thc not about you needing a diet.
  11. Making firecrackers with peanut butter in the first place is the most inefficient way of extracting THC in the first place. when will people learn? SIMMER CANNABIS IN COOKING OIL. nuff said.

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