Will rain hurt my buds?

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  1. k so my grow started a bit late, and right now it's pretty much 3/4 of the way done budding, there are very nice main stem buds, as well as nice buds with nice hairs/THC covering the smaller stems/leaves

    seeing as I started somewhat late, the weather in the pacific northwest here is getting colder, and wetter

    the temperature are still no where near 0, and its been fairly nice weather all this month

    BUT.. the next 2 weeks i've decided are my last 2, and i'll be cropping around the 12th of next month

    the forecast is not looking too good, as in the next week or so there are about 3 days of overcast/sun, and 2 days of showers, maybe a bit more

    Should i be worried about the rain? will it effect my buds or essentially wash off the THC from the buds themselves if it rains hard enough?
  2. i wouldnt worry about the rain washing the thc off them. id be more worried about the buds breaking off if large enough but in ur case since u started late id say ur main concern would b mold. its a bitch lol.
  3. i agree with cannibis, rain wont hurt. MJ is a strong plant and can handle some pretty serious rain. just keep your eye out for mold. as soon as it starts getting cooler out the plants can get pretty damp and mold can show up real fast! i already had to chop one plant early due to mold. good luck!
  4. what does mold look like? just normal mold?
  5. ill try to take a pic for u if i remeber this week. it makes ur buds turn like blackish brown. and it looks like soft spiderweb like stuff when u open the buds up. ull know it if u see it.
  6. how fast does it usually take mold to develop?
  7. make sure there tied up to stakes because its been raining alot and realllly windy here to. when it rains alot you gotta watch out for snails. i always find them on them evry time it rains. gets very annoying. get some snail and slug repeliant. i find so many dead bug laying on the ground around my cages. on one of my clones on one of the lower branches i found some bud rud. i just cut that whole branch off but it wasnt much. im drying the other good nugs on it now. bud rot turns the bud brown and looks like it has little spider webs in it
  8. we just had massive rains here for about a week and my buddy lost half his crop to mold.the high humidity didnt help at all.
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    If you can cover them cover them. If out in the sticks then watch them for mold.

    If you can shake the dew and rain off after each rain and morning it will help.

    it does not even have to rain your plants to be wet just from morning dew. The best thing you can do is shake them every morning.

    Remove any leafes that are close to the ground. They will jut stay wet and bring on the powder mildew.

    If you have any large weeds or brush blocking most of the airflow. You might want to cut some of that back. airflow is the key when it starts to rain.
  10. i'm kinda in the same boat. my plants are almost done and the weather here this week is rainy, all week. i live in the northeast and it's wet and chilly here too.

    i have been checking them everyday when i get home from work and picking out some small mold section just about every day. i am hoping it doesn't get out of control on me, but deffinately been keeping very close track. i almost thought about moving them inside since they are in buckets.

    just keep a real close eye on them. i'm still pretty new at this too so beyond that the only option i know of is pulling them early, which sucks obviously.
  11. You can dilute 3% Hydrogen peroxide into water and mist lightly to stave off mold. 1/4 cup of H202 to 1 quart of water.

    Mold sucks, and it can form as quick as overnight....
  12. so it looks like rain didnt hurt them at all, and its gonna rain one more day and then be sunny almost till the harvest time..

    looking at these pics, what do you guys thinking about cropping out in 2.5 weeks from now? it's pretty much the only time I will be able to dry indoors and its getting to the point where the weather may be too extreme for them to survive any longer then that:



  13. well i lost my battle. i went out last night too check them again and found at least 4 buds engulfed in mold, but there were other small spots.

    so with the weather not looking any better for the next week, guess what i had too do last night


    i spent a couple hours trimming and cutting out the bad spots. if the mold starts you'll have to look deep inside the bud clusters too make sure you get it all out. i lost 2 top colas because the very centers were overwhelmed with mold

    i still have one outside that seems to be doing fine. here's some pics of the spots.





  14. ouch.. that sucks man i feel for ya, im hoping the weather holds out for me and everything goes well, I appreciate you taking the time to take the pics to show me, otherwise me and im sure others would not know what to look for exactly

    hopefully what you can salvage is worth it bro
  15. Hey Extremraptor,
    As a fellow Green Mtn Boy, I know the feeling of moldy buds, just make sure you pull out all the moldy parts before you cure them or the rest of your herb is at risk as well. With the moisture thats forecast for next week, mold will continue to spread. I've been lucky so far 25 miles or so to the south.
  16. ah B-Town area huh. cool nice too find another local on here.

    yeah i had to cut out several spots that were quite moldy. they're hanging now and drying. i was kinda bummed because i think they had at least a couple more weeks before they were really ready.

    knowing the rest of this week wasn't gonna get any better as far as weather is what made me pull them. i could have cleaned them up and tried to get some more time but i figured a few lost buds was better than losing the whole plant. it happened so fast that i was scared i'ld come home to one big moldy bud covering the whole plant.

    i wish you luck with yours. i should have tarped them off when i saw what the weather was gonna be like this week. it may have helped them by keeping the water out at least. i knew it was gonna be a problem though, ah well live and learn right:rolleyes:

    here's what i ended up with
  17. B-town is where it goes down :p :)
  18. B-town is where it goes down :p :)
  19. This was an old thread from 2009. But dr frankenstien has ressurrected it. "It's alive! It's alive!"
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