will procyon 100 led light work for flowering

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by poker1, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. recently got a procyon 100 led light can i use only this light the entire grow

  2. bump! im looking into this light as well
  3. wattage isnt enough. youd have to get a bunch of them. Make sure you have the right light spectrum and such etc. GL
  4. I remember seeing this light somewhere but do not remember the specs for it? Could you post a link.

    Use bf74's method of LED growing incorporating 20% white led diodes in relation to the amount of deep-reds being used. He has had proven success with nice dank buds from experimenting with this.

    Check out underdok's grow using 1x90w UFO. He got some nice results only using 1 model and this would be your best comparison for this model im sure (if its 100w)

  5. Procyon 100 [Procyon 100] - $549.00 : Buy LED Grow Lights, Procyon 100
  6. Looks like an ok light, but i wouldnt get an LED grow light without the deep red spectrum (660nm) the 635nm red does not produce as good as results during flowering.

    Id rather get a 120w panel with built in fans tbh, that procyon is much wider than the 120w and higher panels getting around.

    Each to their own i guess so it is up to you.

  7. Ok good info. Its the wavelengths and all that i was unsure of but that clears it up. Im personally going to wait to purchase an led setup until i hear a lot of folks raving about a particular model that comes out sometime in the future... fun to see the progress of this technology though
  8. I just built a box with 2g11 floros plus 1 all red led panel (45w I think). One plant that I had in my old grow box which used 6 2700k cfls & 2 6500ks, is now flourishing in my new box. I am noticing greater trichome production under these new lights.

    So, I would suggest supplementing the leds with cfls!
  9. Globes of LED white diodes also come in 12w, 20w and 25w that i have seen and these have the same colour temperatures (warm white etc) of CFLs. These can be used instead of CFLs for additional lighting, however they do carry a bigger price tag.

    They should pay for themselves over thelong run with the high output of hours and less consumption of power though.

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