will polination effect potency?

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  1. I have two plants growing, if i end up up getting one male and female and i have the female polinated will it effect its potency?
  2. Yes, from my understanding, the female will stop focusing on producing THC and focus on making seeds.
  3. It will reduce the potency a bit but you'll still get high. Biggest problem will be all the seeds you'll have to deal with.
  4. I didn't find any serious argument (science fact) about serious potency reducing cause pollination.
  5. Yes, I have heard/ read the same thing that Juice states, if a flowering female is pollinated instead of focusing on THC production to catch the male pollen, It will instead put the energy into producing the seeds. Thats my understanding of it anyhow.
  6. oh wait, I guess if we were talking in quality of THC rather and quanity, Im not sure if it would change the quality, but you wont get as much bud.
  7. I believe its about THC not about yielding.
    I mean its obvious to we cant got same yield of seeded plant and non seeded plant.

    Cannabis is not single plant on this planet who have trichomes, Nettle or Peach have trichomes too.
    Do Cannabis produce trichomes cause UV defending ? Well I do not believe in that or it will be first plant who produce trichomes cause UV light what I know.
    However, I smoke more joints in the nature than in the house.
    Any plant care only about surviving, means her self and about her seeds/reproduction anyway.
    So some plants got improved defending system but some dont.
    In some plans you can find poison, in some psy active substances etc etc
    Mushrooms got RED color, Poison but no strong smell or have but rare.
    Chilli peppers RED color or YELLOW (but green too) however they contains poison.It's small concentration for humans but animals have more sensitive scents and run of eating chilli.
    Cannabis got HARD smell and psy active substance.

    I do not believe to Cannabis will stop THC producing cause that is defending system of that plant. Maybe reducing, but its so misery or I can not recognize joint of seeded or non seeded buds.
  8. Take an artists paint brush and dip it into the pollen on the male, carefully touch some of the buds on the bottom of the plant if you want seeds from it. That will just make the node you pollinated reduce it's THC and bud production and turn to seeds. Youll get enough seeds from that 1 node to keep your garden going and the rest of the plant will still focus on bud.

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