will one of these work?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by gBong, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. in that ammount of space youd be lucky to get 3/4 oz...

    but yeah it will work.. a bit expensive th9ough
  2. Yeah, but you have to understand that a company just doesn't build them for the cost of makign them. They have to add in employees, insurance, advertising costs, shop costs... so many factors... so , actually, these are not bad prices at thegrowbox.com. It is kind of like a mcdonalds burger. Sure you could probably make a hamburger for cheaper, but it isn't going to look like a big mac or taste like a big mac. I hope this makes sense. I like to support the people selling products, those same people are the ones who are trying to get legalization through with our reps. So give em a break.. Ya know?
    http://www.thegrowbox.com this site has great boxes

    http://klimagrow.com pretty cool stuff too

    we should try and support these guys.
  3. but what im tryin to say is, that for this 12" by 12" box (http://www.thegrowbox.com/productslist.aspx?CategoryID=8&selection=2) its $239, and that using flourecent light.... but if you went to the hardware store you could buy all the stuff you need, plus a 70w HPS and the tools needed to build the box in about 3 - 6 hours... for $150... and if you alread have the tools, it'll be more like $70 - $100... get my point...
  4. Yeah, I get your point. I looked at the box.
    Here is what it looks like it comes with:

    Flourescent lights 4 of them. $15 bucks a bulb at home depot

    Light sockets to hold the bulbs $3 bucks home depot

    Exhaust unit with fan $20 bucks at a computer store, has to be 110 volt

    Electrical components (wiring) $5 at home depot

    Electrical switches $5.00 per switch total $10

    Glass $20 bucks or so, dont know how it is manufactured so this is a ball park.

    The top metal piece,, $15.00 ??
    bottom metal piece $15.00

    Water tubing stuff. $10.00

    Soil $5.00

    Power cord $10.00

    Sphagnum moss $5.00

    That is $193.00 so far.

    OK, now i am sure they have boxes in which to ship the product and peanuts or bubble wrap.. so, another $10 in shipping.


    OK, so now you have to pay an employee to build the box. Then you have to pay for company insurance (most companies require 1 million dollars worth of liability, company taxes, workers compensation (this costs companies dearly), company fees, advertising fees.

    So, seems to me like you might be missing part of what I was trying to say. Let me summarize.

    1. I am sure you can go building their own lights, boxes and whatever else is advertised out there, there wouldn't be this forum WHICH the advertisers pay for.

    2. If you are not the type to build and just would rather spend some money and have it ready to go, maybe a prebuilt box is right for you.

    3. Seems to me you might want to smoke one and support the companies who not only provide you with a website like this, but are also out there fighting for OUR rights.

    Any questions?
  5. Titan HPS/MH 400

    LOL redicelous (sp?) thats your call on weather or not to buy it, cause ill admit it is pretty and itll work but theres no way to raise/ lower the light?? no thanks ill make my own... haha 700 bucks.... if i had that i'd spooge myself :D

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  6. yeah i got one where the hell dose Home Depot get off charging 3 bucks for a socket... tell me dose it come with a plug attached cause i bet it dont and that shit pisses me off... its just to much :D
  7. you plans there are for abox that looks like theres, im talking about an enclosed box.... with an HPS light, and 12v fans..... a 24" x 18" x 48" box with 150 - 400w of HPS light, for 100 - 200$

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