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will one hit of marijuana stay in your system for 30 days?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by PaulMitchle, Dec 9, 2010.

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    I havent smoked weed for 4 months....If i take one hit of weed how long will it stay in my system? im 200 lbs 6" tall 20%BFI And my next urine test that wil be getting sent to a lab will be in 60 days as of today. SO again, if i take 1 or 2 hits of marijuana, will it show up on a laboratory urine screening 60 days from today?
  2. Nobody really knows how long THC stays in your system, could be anywhere from a week to a month. Maybe longer, maybe shorter. I'm sure one hit wont stay that long.
  3. Ill edit my first post and add in the fact that my test wont be for another 60 days as of today
  4. you will be fine.
  5. 1 hit of marijuana wont show up on a lab test in 60 days.
  6. You should be fine, enjoy ;)
  7. give me an estimate of how long u think one or 2 hits will last?
  8. OK guys so this is it, im going to smoke and get high after 4 grooling months of not smoking becuase i am fed up with not smoking becuase of parole!. I will return back to this thread and let you guys know how great the feeling is :) wish me luck, so stay tuned, and i will be repping u guys who helped me out!
  9. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo im fuckign wacked remond me not to smoke again for the next 60 days...
  10. I always figured no matter how much you smoke or how big u are, most of it will be outta ur system in 30 days...but I didn't smoke for 18 days and blazed and really wasn't that high. Before my 18 day t-break, I would basically smoke from the moment I woke up til I went to bed.

    So who really knows lol....I'd say 1 or 2 hits tho will last in ur system maybe 3 days if u work out.
  11. workout pff here let me show u pic ill make it my avatar, u tell me if i work out...wait here
  12. Dude, seriously. You'll be more than fine. Puff away bro. Enjoy it
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    ill do just fine...I do high intensity shit brah, i follow the mitotropin regimen. 2/3 hours of weight training, super sets. then i do half mile run
    Ill even start a calorie deficit
  14. lol word then ur good. You'd be good even if u didn't work out, 2 hits ain't nuthin
  15. Your from bodybuilding.com?
  16. Dude you will be fine. You could blaze up until 30 days before the test is taken. There was a major study done that proved it only stays for 30 days and studies that have shown otherwise all had flaws in them. Google it if u wanna see it.
  17. whats makes you think im from bodybuilding.com?
  18. I'm 6'6" 285lbs. I took a few hits last year before Christmas (18th or 19th) and had to take a drug test (Urine Test) on the 27th for my Dr. I pissed clean after just drinking lots of water. Test was a suprise to me, didn't have a chance to prep. You should be fine after 60 days easily.

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