will one hit get you high?

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  1. ok I have not smoked in a long time, I was at a party and someone offered me a joint that was almost finished. I inhaled once and handed it back. I spent the next hour waiting for the high to hit me, since I was just being so self conscious it lead to anxiety and I was curios why I was not high. I then began to believe I was going retarded and the joint was laced with brain damaging substances, it lead to anxiety depersonalization and a lot of self consciousness.
    I did not get high
    will one hit from a joint get a first timer high?

  2. I think I was high for about 10 seconds I do not know how this is possible
  3. Could have just been a shitty joint
  4. If I chiefed on that shit one hit will get me high 
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  5. Was probably just some sativa, I have had the self consciousness and anxiety before from bud. Usually caused by over thinking while on something with only a head high
  6.  It's not. Not with weed.
  7. I get self concious and anxiety from weed. I go quiet and get all awkward. Actually main reason I quit about a month ago after being a daily smoker for 3 years
  8. If its my first hit of the day yes one will get me high for about 90 min
  9. If my tolerance is at zero and I take a huge bong rip of some strong bud, yes i will get high. But I always almost always smoke more than 1 lol.
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    Sure... as long as that hit is an entire bowl pack (between .25 and .5) in one clean shot from a bong :bongin:
    Edit: NOT recommended for first timer, recommended for me and my rock solid tolerance  lol
  11. maybe I was just confused because everytime I smoked I got a body high, this time there was no feelings at all.
  12. Is it possible to only have a head high? how does that even feel
  13. Yea if it is a pure sativa, then yea.
  14. I'm a daily smoker and my first bong rip of the day will get me nice n stoned if its dank. Say when night time comes and ive been toking all day its like 2 bowls to the face to get me where that one bong rip got me in the morning haha. I really need to quit for a week or 2, get my tolly in check
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