Will ona cover the smell of a couple plants?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Ricshire7, May 19, 2010.

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    Hey everyone, i was just wondering if ona would be enough to cover the smell of 3-4 plants during flowering, if i bought a couple of ona blocks would that cover up most of the smell in a closet area? Any feedback would be great, thanks a lot. Or if anyone has any other suggestions not involving a carbon filter to mask/cover/rid of the smell..
  2. I believe it will, ONA is vicious. Love that shit.
  3. I use it, but only in addition to my carbon scrubber, I can't see it working on it's own.

  4. This.

    Not to mention how much of it you would go through trying to keep the odor away, and your house will smell like a hospital floor.

    ONA is awesome, I love how you can keep rehydrating it, and its perfect for many applications, but is no substitute for carbon, IMO.

  5. well thanks guys, ill have to get some and see how it performs and maybe ill be able to make a DIY carbon filter if ona doesnt cut it.
  6. do you just soak it in water for a bit to rehydrate it? i have a few in my closet grow that are pretty dry and shriveled
  7. just add some water, it will soak it right up.
  8. don't use water. that's like using water to fill your mug of beer. this is what ONA Liquid is made for. I use an ONA bucket in my grow room and it is awesome. I use jars of soilmoist with ONA liquid around the house. everything smells great. what you don't want is a heavy concentrated amount in a single area that your nose is gonna be. My closet has a strong ONA smell but outside of that I love it. Not so sure about the blocks though as that seems overly concentrated and be to much to be near. only used the liquid myself.
  9. Well, there you have it, I guess it is possible. :smoke:
  10. Thanks for the info man! Im building a DIY carbon filter, but i still want last resort protection ya know?
  11. Ona works ok, but vaportek is far superior. buy a pack of ez twist holder and refill disks. Neutral is the best to mask, but it smells like toothpaste. Linen doesn't work well at all.

    4 disks holders and a fan will keep 10 sq feet of 2 foot tall plants masked in about 650 sq feet of space.

    I bought ona liquid and soil moist to make some ona pro. I'm completely dissatisfied. I downgraded and spent more money.

    Vaportek Odor Control - - Disks for Vaportronic and EZ Twist - Neutral Scent

    If you look around you can find some great deals on a 12 pack. Each disk lasts about 2.5-3 weeks depending on how much air movement you put past them. I had one last for 2 months in my car.
  12. Thanks for the info man, i appreciate it!

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