Will Obama Get Impeached?

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    No shit. 
    And all it does is make everybody point the finger at one another.

  2. I really don't think that's what he was trying to say.  :laughing: It's just that his actions are socially acceptable enough that impeachment is currently implausible. 
  3. obama CAN NOT be impeached. he will not be.
    he is black. if he is impeached, whoever attemps to impeach him,  will be called racist
    even if herman cain tried to...cain would be called racist also
    man you cant even have a valid debate with him
    putting obama in office was
    a brillint move by the powers on top
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    that is the funniest SHIT ive heard in a LONGGGGGGGGG time
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    If we follow past history, Obama will go down as one of the great presidents.
    Americans (and probably most other citizens of the world) consider their greatest leaders as those who have killed the most people or destroyed the most property.
  6. One big issue is that the trouble that we allow our leaders to get away with keeps getting worse. If we at some point do not stand up and say enough already it will never stop. If we allow all the problems this administration has created to contuine, then our next leader might as well invade Canada for their oil and Mexico for their beaches.
    The USA was founded on getting away from leaders that looked out for themselfs and now we are becoming just that. No services that has been affected by the sequester effects our leaders. We the people that pay taxes, work our ass off are being told those things we worked for and paid for may not be available too us. Like SSA, we paid into this, our employers paid into it for us, not a dime from the govenment. However, the governemnt has been removing money (it had plenty of money in it) for years to pay for other things. Will the money be replaced? Doesn't look like it cuz we are being told that the benefits are going to be cut due to lack of funds. If we don't stand up and demand it too stop, they may start rading our savings accounts.
  7. yea it seems the people lets more and more get by. it seems like polititions are just big time marketing teams building up a name brand and seeing how they fare in a popularity contest

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