Will Obama Get Impeached?

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  1. Yeah, Clinton did not have sexual relations with that woman.  :laughing: 

  2. Hell No....the media is just giving us breadcrumbs for the slaves right now...There will be a new media distraction soon enough. Like someone else said, he's the star quarterback of the football team known as the "World Elites" and they are undefeated for several years running...
  3. Is fucking a woman with a big cigar "sex"? LOL
    What if you lick it off then smoke it afterwards? :confused:
  4. So I haven't heard an actual specific law he's broken yet.
    I'm not an Obama fan but all this screaming about impeachment without any evidence of illegal activity is just bad form in my book. Impeachment isn't supposed to be a political tool, or to be used as an appeasement. It is a criminal trial and should only be used when real crimes have been committed.
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    If you believe the US Constitution is the "supreme law of the land," then he, and every president in history, has broken the law and should be impeached.
    The unilateral bombing of Libya and overthrow of its government should be enough to classify as "High crimes and misdemeanors." It was not done in defense of our nation, it was an act of aggression.
    • Seizing control of GM and Chrysler without proper authorization from Congress.
    • Firing whistle-blower Gerald Walpin for doing his job as the Inspector-General in charge of investigating corruption, waste, and fraud in government programs.
    • Collecting data on fellow Americans who oppose healthcare reform with flag@whitehouse.gov and now, through a new Obama campaign website, again collecting data on fellow Americans who disagree with the Administration
    • Placing the U.S. Census Bureau under the supervision of the White House Chief of Staff, by law the Department of Commerce.
    • His Justice Department's smuggling of weapons, that the President signed off on funding for.
    • Manipulating jobs by hiring and rehiring Census workers.
    • Creating false districts and assigning stimulus funds to those districts.
    • Violating tax codes by releasing private tax details to the public when attacking Koch Industries.
    • Creating a taxpayer-funded position, Director of Progressive Media & Online Response, to promote Obama's incumbent candidacy, in violation of the Hatch Act.
    • Obama's filming of a campaign ad in the White House in violation of FEC laws.
    Among other violations. He won't be impeached, though. It probably wouldn't be hard to find evidence of any recent president breaking the law. 
  7. Are you cereal? He could be impeached for a lot of things, he could've been impeached a long time ago for the extrajudicial executions of 3 US citizens including a 16 year old, or for the undeclared wars of Pakistan, Libya etc.. if Americans weren't so retarded.

    He won't be impeached though, even if he is he won't be convicted & removed because it's all partisanship and the blue team controls the senate.
    What was Clinton impeached for? It's not illegal to get your dick sucked I suppose.
    Lying under oath - or perjury.
    As for the question, no Obama won't get impeached nor will he even be brought up on charges.  That would be political suicide by the right, and they know it.  
  10. That and the fact that if you think Obama will get impeached you are smoking a strain I have never encountered.  One is putting way too much faith in government if they think they would impeach one of their own.
    I personally believe that Clinton got impeached because people are  so obsessed with sex. If Clinton lied to the nation in order to invade a country, no one would care. In fact, 5 years later, such lies were told and no one was brought to justice.
    These Congressional "investigations" are the biggest jokes I have ever seen in my life.
    Don't you have to be in a courtroom to be under oath?
  12. No, you're under oath whenever you take one regardless of setting.
    I see. So Clinton was asked about his affair while under oath?
    Obama must be avoiding oaths like the plague.
    LOL, yes it's like the proverbial fox guarding the henhouse. Like the Ruby Ridge/Waco hearings, a total joke right from the beginning. Lon Horiuchi, the FBI sniper who put a bullet through Vicki Weaver's head in 1992 as she stood in the doorway of her cabin holding her baby, was at the Waco fiasco two years later. He never got into any trouble at all as long as I can remember.
    Impeaching is a purely political event, as is everything else politicians do. If one side feels they can make political hay from it, they will do it. But Obama's approval rating is like 55%; starting an impeachment would be political suicide -- especially since the entire establishment thinks he's the cat's ass and would defend him til the last dog is hung.
    Or at least that's how it seems through my eyes.
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    Something like that. I was really little at the time and haven't really looked into the details, but at one point they thought he lied, impeached him, and then he was acquitted.
    As I recall, he lied in a deposition which is an out of court legal proceeding.
  17. What a funny way for his term as president to end. :laughing:
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    In answer to this question as much I hate to say it probably not :mad: !!!!!  I can't believe he got elected the first time much less twice ??? very few people you ask will admit to voting for him :confused: . But (just my opinion) it would be great if he was impeached , he has done more to try to degrade , divide , & ruin this country than anyone in history
  19. I wouldn't admit that I voted for Obama to someone like you who clearly has a very negative view of him either. No one would want the earful you're obviously prepared to give any such person. Although, I voted for Jill Stein anyway because she was the only one supporting a Balanced Budget Amendment.  :p 

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