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Will my weed stay fresh like this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by letstoke7, May 18, 2010.

  1. I know I should get a mason jar etc. but for right now just bear with me:

    Just bought an oz of dank. Usually whenever I get a pickup it smells good but then later it smells like nothing until you break it apart then it smells like it used to and it always tasted good.

    Anyways right now it's in a plastic baggy without a seal (cling wrap whatever) so I rolled that up then stuck that into a ziplock with a seal (not the zip but the kind you press together) and thats in a dark drawer.

    Will this stay "first day" fresh for at least 2 weeks when it's summer and I can blaze? I know 2 weeks will obviously be ok but I mean will the smell be retained probably.

  2. As far as maintaining how fresh it is Mason Jars are always the way to go. Though the way you wrapped it up i'm sure it'll be fine eitherway.

    However, if you're going to be keeping the weed for a while I suggest curing it. Usually when you buy dank it's still somewhat wet. Just for weight purposes, and even if it's not it might just be straight dried.

    I know whenever I buy if i'm not growing that I let it cure for about a week. I mean i'm still smoking nugs as I cure. This way your weed will taste and smoke even better.:smoking:
  3. it should be good, but you can get a tightvac or other type of jar for pretty cheap at your LHS.

    i heard somewhere that putting some orange peels in your bag will make it stay fresh, but that could be bull-harky.:p
  4. It will work for your purposes, but since ziploc bags aren't air-tight, it won't be perfectly preserved. Vacuum bags or mason jars are the best solution, but peanut butter jars work well in a pinch.
  5. i use spice jars an just have them on my window seal an if leave one open by accident ill jus but alil bit of orange peel in it and like acouple hours later take it out so it dont mold an it willl freshen an juicen the bud a lil bit my bad if this hard to understand im alil blazed
    but worth a try works for me
    stay blazen :smoking:
  6. i perfectly understood you, prob because we both high lol
  7. If it dries out, get a baby food jar for like 49 cents, clean it out, throw your bud in there and hang a piece of wat paper towel and let it set for a couple hours. Thatll give it its moisture back for sure.
  8. Surely if you can buy an oz of herb, you can buy a large tightvac [$10) or a large mason jar ($7-11) right?

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