Will my seeds survive?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by gariss, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. ok so i germinated 2 seeds via paper towel method for 2 and a half days and they cracked and had very small stems poking out. I read somewhere that you shouldn't keep them in the paper towels for more than 3 days so i planted them. I planted the first one about a 3/4  inch deep by mistake (was very sad) and the second 1/4 inch. I have them in a small grow box currently running at 75 degrees and rh at 40%. WIll my seeds survive  or should i order more? and start again 

  2. its not a bad idea to keep them 80-83 for the first week or so while there seedlings as well as the humidity up will increase there chances but from the info you have given it sounds like you have done nothing wrong except the temp could be a bit higher.
  3. Temperature wise, mid 70s is fine, and humidity isn't usually a big problem unless it is very high in flowering which can cause mouldy buds.  Otherwise they are pretty adaptable.  The only problem with seedlings is they have such a small root, they can dry out really easily in low humidity.  You can put a clear plastic cover over the pot to increase the humidity in that small space, like a drinks bottle or something, until they are a little more independent.  It would also raise the temperature a little and protect them from any draft while they are trying to get established.
    Give them a chance, they are delicate but also they are designed to grow so don't right them off yet.
    Good luck!

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