will my plants live?

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  1. while growing something fell oncthem and broke them. if i repot deep will it survive? they are not completely broken off

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  2. You might Get a couple bamboo skewers and see if you can stake them up. It's kind of a crap shoot but it might work. I personally wouldn't try to repot.
  3. some ppl have said u can tape them? what do u think?
  4. That seems a remarkable amount of foliage on a plant that leggy.
    Too little light is, generally, the cause of that; fix that.
    But I'm gonna veer off from the usual... because my 'mind's eye' keeps
    envisioning carefully sliding the seedling horizontally into a horizontal, half-filled,
    pot of GOOD reefer soil... and covering it up; in the end, buried deep.
    Can you envision that? It's hard for me to explain.
    Not enough 'stuff' to tape, IMHO.
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  5. You could duct tape it but i think you would be better off carefully transplanting deep in bigger pot up to almost bottom of leaves. The leaves still look pretty healthy i think if you are careful it is salvageable.
  6. Just repot it and bury the stem including the broken part.
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  7. A tooth pick splint would probably do just fine. As an experiment, it might be interesting to put some rooting agent infused distilled water into a red cup, then cut the stem at the break and try for a re-rooting, similar to taking a cutting.
    It is odd that the stem hasn't developed a more woody texture, given all the foliage that's developed on it?

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