Will My Plant Be Okay?

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  1. With security being a big factor, thisnyear i tried planting in three different areas to optimise the chances of atleast on grow spot thriving without being found. But two of the spots came underattack and insects not only ate the plant but the soil it was in! Nownthey were in native soil dug up and replaced, if i place the plants in buckets this time will they be okay? And if not what can i surround the bucket with to avoid insects climbing up and getting inside?
  2. I'm on my first grow so I can only say ideas, but yeah I would say your plants chances of insects in the soil are better if they're buried in buckets, keeps it cooler than above ground, stands out less, and you don't have underground bugs digging tunnels and ending up in your soil, not to say it will be 100% bug free but better. My baby plants have gotten some bites from insects too, I'm hoping they keep on growing though and once they're established shouldn't be too big a deal if they get a few bites even though preferably you want your plant untouched. Bugs differ from one place to another though so you just gotta know your bugs. But maybe somebody else will offer better advice 
    if there in buckets i think the chances of a bug getting in there is slimmer but it can still happen.
    have u thought of getting any pesticides that are safe to use on ur plants? if ur having insect problems it might be worth looking into. dont risk having another crop ruined.
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    Yep, if my plants were given a chance to grow big enough to withstand a few bites it might still be alive today, but being ony a 2inch tall seedling it was just completely gone and even part of the soil had been eated!
    And i did consider it but with the amount of money ive put into these plants i was really hoping buying a petaside wouldnt be needed. Apparently using cinemon around the bucket will work, but im not sure if you want to risk it haha

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