Will my plant be affected taste wise!??

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    So let me explain my situation so my mother was cooking chicken or food or whatever on a pan on a stove and she went out and forgot to turn it off, and so come to know I start smelling a strange burnt smell throughout my grow room and mind you it keeps intensifying until I can see a cloud inside my room, now my thing is my room smells like burnt chemicals and my plant are intaking this which is unwanted not welcomed, but im just worried that strong smell will stick to my plants aromas and mess it up!??
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  2. Burned food smell will not harm your plants.
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  3. How come?
  4. It's just a smell and it will go away in hours. Keep a fan going and open a window if you're stressing. If you were growing a plant in a commercial kitchen, it might present problems, but a few hours of smell is ok.
  5. How old are you
  6. 22 , why is that important.. lol
  7. When one mentions living with parents it sets off a red flag. Can't have minors here.
  8. NO WORRIES, they'll be finger lickin good.
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  9. that concerned then either hose them down or with a damp rag give them a wipe
    it removes the carbon bits that floated thru the air
  10. Wait, I'm confused, I thought it was a good thing when everything tastes like chicken.

    Isn't that the go to determine if the exotics taste good...
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  11. or in my case smells of burnt toast ....lol
  12. Don't worry about it. My grow area smells like hookers and broken dreams but the weed always comes out good.
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