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Will my dreams ever come true?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by carl89, May 16, 2006.

  1. My dream in life is to own a marijuana farm/cafe/headshop. I want to have a large nursery where i can raise many strains and do my own breeding, selling the pot from the headshop. The store would be a headshop superstore with everything the marijuana smoker would need. The store would also include a full size cafe with all my homegrown wonderfulness sold to delighted customers. Now I'm thinking, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. This is my life dream, one of the only things that will make me happy. It's not fair that some people can become doctors and businessmen but i cannot have my own marijuana farm.
  2. Preachin' to the choir man.
  3. LOL

    you and the rest of the blades, bud.
  4. Is it really that much to ask of my government? Just to have a wonderful marijuana garden?
  5. take it to supreme court

    hah claim it infringes upon our pursuit of happiness hah

    damn im fucked up but good theory/thought
  6. It just makes me sad that it is what i want to do and its not hurting anyone but im not allowed to. What a free country this is. People have become all too comfortable with this thing we call life. Americans are to lazy and fat to get up and change the world. We're no longer fit for a revolution. I could go up and ask anyone on the streets if there are things they dont like about our governmet. I bet you that EVERYONE has something they dont like and would like changed. Isn't this a government for the people by the people. Well this is what the people want, why fight another war they cant win?
  7. how far are you willing to go to achieve that goal? Are you willing to give up some of your other freedoms to be able to have your cofee shop? What if the president says, "Marijuana will be legalized as long as all marijuana smokers vote every way i want them too." Would you do it? This is a question you guys should be asking yourselves. How far will you go to achieve your goal, or are you just going to join the rest of us carl89 and give up on that goal?
  8. You could open a coffee shop in Amsterdam. That's about the closest in the near future.

    I think it could be legalized in the our lifetimes. I'm in my early 20's so I figure they should be able to get it done in the next 50+ years. One can only dream, or join the fight! If you really feel that strongly then maybe you should look into activism. I know I'm not ready for that, but maybe you are.
  9. I'm already enrolled as a political science major at a good college. I am getting a good base to work hard at making it happen. Now i just need to meet the right people and get the ball rolling. Its gonna take years, but i swear you will all know my real name one day, and you can come to my cofeeshop personally and smoke a joint with me.
  10. remember me when you make it big!
  11. Who the fuck gives me negative karma for this post???? Can no one respect this dream? Do you have that much doubt? WHoever did that doesn't deserve to even be on these forums. NO respect man.
  12. its been my dream to own a headshop. but what smoker on here hasnt had that dream?
  13. I dont want to own some shitty headshop. I want to own a marijuana superstore with live plants in greenhouses and fresh cured bud for sale. Along with glass art and posters and everything else that comes along with a headshop. You people are so negative. I was taught that when you have a dream that you should follow that dream and not waste your life on something pointless. If more people were like me things would have been changed already.
  14. hey no need to get all offensive. im not talkin about some shitty headshop either. im talkin about THE headshop. but i dont know what im talkin about. what were er talkin about?
  15. This is why you move to Europe and do it.

    Unless youre life long dream isnt to occur in like 10 more years....

    ( I think in 10 years, marijuana will be legal in America )

    but anyway, find a house in say, Amsterdam. Move in , and find a common road/ kinda busy place where you could build/buy your headshops location.

    A while away back at your house, setup a greenhouse and whatnot, and grow.

    There ya go
  16. Well seeing as you want to own every kind of strain and plus a building you would have to take up business and market economy in school.

    But owning it all would cost a shitload of money.
  17. I doubt it... A simple store selling a cheap selection of pieces, and baked cannabis goods.

    Its almost pure profit since theres lots of tourists waiting to spend lots of money from something you mixed from flour, eggs, chocolate, and a plant you grew from a seed.
  18. Where does school for business and market economy come in for owning every strain which i didn't say i wanted to do in the first place. Obviously i need schooling for making this business the best it can be, but thats why i am in school now. Before shooting a good idea down for no reason make sure you got your brain on straight.
  19. Also, i have every intention of this happening in the united states. Thats where the political science is coming in.
  20. :smoking: well then get up off your lazy ass and make something happen if you dont have much funds, check out my system in the advanced growing technics out door hydro by crazykyle this system can be set up for less than 300 dollars u.s. and is very easy to use this system can also work with a few plants and can be set up for as low as lets say 10 _20 dollars for a single system. chedk my thread out:smoking:

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