Will my compost kill my seeds?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Tainted_Purity, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. Hi,I have just germinated some seeds, and I have put them into the pots full of 'Miricle-Grow Potting Compost', on the bag it says that it comes with nutrients and fertilizers.

    Will this burn my poor germinated seeds?

    I was also thinking that 'Miricle-Grow' is one of the most well-known proffesional gardening equipment manufacturers, so surely they wouldn't make potting compost that kills seeds, or are ganja seeds' roots just pathetic and week?
  2. don't worry they'll be o.k. as long as you don't add too much water to the pot.......the nutes are water soluble to dissolve over time.......i've done it in miricle grow, and they were fine, but don't use it for the rest of the grow, as it is high in nutes, when it's approx 3-4"tall, transplant into a 3 gallon pot, with a mix of john innes#2, you can get it at homebase, and add a few handfulls of mircle grow to it......some perlite, and some vermiculite, to help make the soil more airy............Peace out.........Sid
  3. I am a first-time grower, and I would feel too paranoid to transplant it, as my freinds have accidently killed their plants by changing pots/soil. Will my plant stay alive in this miricle grow stuff. And if I can just keep the plant in this soil, when shall I start adding additional fertilizers?
  4. you don't need to transplat it, but you will deffinetly need to transplant it, if you only have it in a little pot.......i'd recommend no smaller than a 3 gallon pot, so as the roots have some space..........i've done an entire grow in mirice grow, and with good results, but you need to keep a very close eye on the amount of water you give the plants, as the ferts are water soluble.......lots of water=lots of fert..........in moderation it'll be fine..........Peace out........Sid
  5. The strain I am currently growing is Misty, you are probably aware that it only grows about 2 ft MAX, and that it can very happily grow just 1 ft and mature, I have a pot that is 6 inches tall and 6 inches in diametre, I think it works out to be 0.5 gallons. and I have read the goecities grow guide, and this plant pot will grow plants to be about 1 ft high (just what I want). Do you still recommend a transplant, and if so, how easy is it for me to screw up the plant while transplanting.
  6. yeah i flower mine at 12" and they end at approx 28".......i'd say you need to move to a bigger pot, maybe not a 3, but certainly a 1.5-2gallon..........and when it's finished flowering, lift out the soil, and turn it upside down and you'll see how compacted the roots get.........Peace out.......Sid
  7. But I only actually have 1'6" of growing space, if I keep the plants in their pots, will this stop them growing taller than about 1 foot (this is what I want to happen, restricting pot size to prevent them from getting too big).

    I will send pictures of growroom
  8. Hold on, habving problems...
  9. Inside (very secretive):

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  10. Inside:

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  11. Last one:

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  12. So, will my plants grow fit, healthy, and preferebly 1 ft big if i keep them in 0.5 gallon pots, with Miricle grow?
  13. id say scrogg it, but who knows if youll be able to weave the plant. you have a lot of work to get that lil box in order. not saying it cant be done, im sure it can gl sorry i am of no help :)

    ps is that a 9 double m sittin there????
  14. Whats a 9 double m?
  15. a 9mm handgun.........on the desk.......Peace out......Sid
  16. Yeah, Can you guess what model it is?
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  18. Beretta?........Peace out..........Sid
  19. Sig Sauer P226

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