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will my buddy pass this DT?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GVOG, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. alright so me an my buddies barely ever smoke, like once every other month or so. so anyways, last saturday (september 5th) one of my friends has a little party at his house, about 10 people over to get drunk.

    we were all pretty wasted and we decided to smoke some weed. one of my friends who smoked is joining the marines and had to do all the stuff on friday (september 11th) which included taking a drug test.

    he is hella scrawny with like no body fat (hes like 115 at 6'2" lol) and during the week he either played basketball for about an hour or ran a mile or so everyday.

    what are his chances on passing?
  2. 40/60

    40 being pass
  3. high *giggles*
  4. alright thanks. he got tested this morning and its nightime, so maybe they would have already called him if he failed? i dont know, anyone else?
  5. He's probably fine. If you're body fat is low, you smoke 1c a month or less, and you exercise often, he should be FINEEE
  6. it will take a day or two maybe a week. theyprobably have quite a few tests to do with all the recruits and all.
  7. I joined the Air Force in '87. On one of the questionaires it asked about drug use. I answered yes to weed and LSD. Got wicked baked night before I left for boot camp. Probably failed the drug test, but, at least then, the military didn't care about prior use...all though use of psychedelics will preclude one from getting a top secret clearance. Now, I got pulled for A LOT of random drug tests during the 8 years I was in, but, I passed every one, cause I didn't toke up while on active duty.

    Your friend should be fine.:hello:
  8. He will pass.

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