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will my bud smell through an altoids case?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dannnn420, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Is it airtight?
  2. It might a little, but it should be minimal.
  3. No its not air tight. You need a silicon/rubber seal to be air tight
  4. put it in the altoids case and then put the case in a ziplock baggie. Hide the baggie somewhere and you should be good to go.
  5. It's not airtight like a pill bottle. I wouldn't trust it to hold bud for long periods of time. As for smell, it's probably going to smell very slightly, but if it's shut tight you shouldn't be able to smell it unless you're within about 6 inches of it.
  6. thanks guys, and yeah I keep my actual bud in a mason jar but I thought the altoids case might be cool for a couple pre rolled J's
  7. Stupid question.....really?

  8. How was this a stupid question?

  9. why waste your time posting if your just going to be a dick?
  10. Fill it with water, turn it over a few times. Are your hands wet? If water can get out, so can odor!
  11. [quote name='"Storm Crow"']Fill it with water, turn it over a few times. Are your hands wet? If water can get out, so can odor![/quote]

    Bad logic. Smell goes throu ziplockbags
  12. You need a Nerds box, they're the only candy package thats airtight.
  13. Yes it will smell through especially if it is dank. Did this same thing u could still smell it through the container and it dried out the weed.
  14. I suggest just getting a pill bottle of something over the counter. Will work much better than an Altoids case. Hope it works out for ya! :smoke:
  15. thanks for all the help guys

  16. It's for in general
  17. U know the tupperware that can fit inside each other? Just put it in one of those then another. Also if its in a high place in a car the dog has a less chance of sniffing it out

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