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Will my bud be fresh?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by andrewdovers, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, it's my second post so I apologize in advance if I posted this in the wrong board. Guys. I recently got my hands on an 1/8 of fine dank and a doctor, friend of mine, gave me one of these medical sample tubes.
    It's made of Polypropylene (PP 05), and as far as I understand it is the same material used in those orange pill bottles (he didn't have any available, they aren't really common in Costa Rica). Anyway, I need to store my bud for about 1-2 weeks more (it's been stored since last wednesday night, so it's been roughly 3 or 4 days), will it be fresh?
    I alsa have a small gerber baby jar available which I have been doubtful wether to use it or not since the lid comes up pretty easily. What's better? Thanks in advance guys
    Oh, also, I don't want to get a mason jar. I know they are cheap, but those didn't work for me in the past (probably because I never store more than an 8)

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    Yeah, it will be completely fine. For long term storage though it will lose potency, to combat that put it somewhere cool and dark. container is good. a lot of air exposure will make it dry.
  3. Thanks man :)
    My grandma gave me this empty pill bottle (she gave me 2) and an empty jam jar. Am I better off leaving it where it is or should I move it? These are the small pill bottles ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416783444.089624.jpg

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  4. You're really overthinking this, man..
  5. Yeah its fine man, I kept my shit in a pill bottle for months and it was fine. 
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    Yeah guys I overthinking a lot, I have anxiety (the reason I smoke weed haha) and tend to overthink simple things a lot. Anyway, the deal is, I have to make this last for about two to 3 weeks. I know I can control myself and only smoke a bowl a day (or a few in special days) but my concern was freshness.
    So, should I leave it there in the plastic medical sample bottle? or break up the nug into buds and put it in the ambar glass pill bottles? thanks guys
  7. How much bud is it a few gs or some real weight? either way airtight jar is your best bet and id keep it as nugs you want as much freshness as you can have.

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    It's 1/8 of dank man, I've barely touched it (probably just pipe bowls)
    The photo shows the medical sample bottle (as in urine sample lol) that it is currently in

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  9. Yeah your overthinking it a lot man if anything it will cure a little more no worries man.

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  10. [haquote name="invinciblejets" post="20972308" timestamp="1416796434"]Yeah your overthinking it a lot man if anything it will cure a little more no worries man.

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    Thanks man. So, leave it there or separate the buds and put it in the amber pill bottles?

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  11. Less than an half. Don't bother.

    Best buds for life.
  12. Haha I never buy more than 1/8 at a time (I don't know why I can't bring myself to do so). What do you think man, current container or separate nug into buds and move it to the glass pill bottles?
  13. Any airtight container. It'll stay fresh if you open it every once in a while. Store it in a dark cool place. Sunlight is an enemy so if you can get a darker type of jar that'll be better. If it dries out a little over time, you can breath into the bottle a few times then close it back so you get moisture in there. Or if you want you can put a few drops of water or juice on a tiny piece of paper towel, bud absorbs moisture very well.

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  14. Thanks man :)
    sooo leave it there or put it in the amber glass jars?
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    Smoke that shit up, some asshole like me will keep growing a lot more.
    I use 1/2 gallon canning jars and have about 200 times what you have.
    Its not going to go bad on ya. :D
  16. And I sure thank the universe for assholes like you brother :D
    Still, please tell me your opinion, leave it in the plastic bottle or put it in the amber pill glass bottles?
  17. thats your 1/8? it looks like like 2 grams to me, cuzz.
    The piss bottle in a coffee table drawer or desk drawer, pill bottles are good too. Its good enough for medicine from the doctor (the biggest drug dealers)
    it will only rot when its too wet.
    If it dries out it only gets a tiny bit harsh. Still get you fucked up.
    It can sit in a bottle for months and be just fine.
  19. Piss bottle HAHAHAH. Made my night. Thanks man, it's in my bed drawer inside an old shoebox to keep it away from light
  20.  it's probably because of the angle... Here's another pic of the nug separated into buds

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