Will Mubarak Get Assassinated And How?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by SoCalPatient, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Okay so I 100% support the revolution in Egypt. These people are being treated like how we treat children. So, seeing as how this douchebag of a president won't step down on freely, there is no other option but for him to be assassinated.

    How do you think his life will end?

    *note: I in no way condone killing the egyptian president or anyone else for that matter. This thread is purely hypothetical and not intended to be taken seriously. Now get off my nuts CIA*
  2. It will be a 10,000 man raid with 50 tanks and 500 healers.

    Mubarak will have 100trillion HP and able to cast spells that do over a quarter million damage.

    It will be the raid of the century :devious:

  3. may need a hotfix before they can try again, some of his abilities were bugged pretty bad. :devious:
  4. AAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA ^^^&^ if weewr'n raf u ruse i wuda just rost :laughing:

    i am in no position to predict the future of a country and furthermore region/culture i know very little about buuuuut if i were to take my best guess....

  5. I think one of his(I am assuming?) many bodyguards will have enough of the injustices he is watching his people go through and will just murder him in cold blood.
  6. Mrs Peacock, ballroom, candlestick.
  7. Military Coup
  8. U.S. or Egyptian military:confused:
  9. Egyptian, they're already starting to disobey his orders...

    Otherwise I'd like to see him just step down once he's done, bounce out of Egypt and never return. I'd rather there not be any bloodshed on my peoples;).
  10. I wanna beat the shit out of him he has been fucking over egypt for a while.
  11. I do too. Those protesters are annoying me. Give me 5 mins over there and I'll incite that crowd a lil.:devious:
  12. french revolution style, right in the middle of cairo square. OFF WITH HIS HEAD!

    seriously though, I'm loving this revolution. so excited to live through history
  13. i dont know but shit got fucking crazy this morning

    people killing each other and the army just standing around watching
  14. They should do what the Kyrgyz did. Storm the Government buildings with like a thousand people, let them all leave, but don't kill anyone, and take over. They pretty much got rid of their Government by storming buildings with less than a thousand people. Egypt could learn something here!
  15. He'll commit suicide after writing his last autobiography and going into exile for 10+ years.
  16. Yeah it's up for grabs now anyway. There's fighting in the streets between pro and anti mubarak people. If he does go down, it's from a gunshot to the dome piece.
  17. He's gonna peace out before he gets killed. His would-be successor son is already in the UK.

    On another note, did you guys hear anderson cooper got his ass kicked by protestors?
  18. it wont happen , listin to the protesters , they are peaceful

    quotes from random anti mubark protesters "I feel proud to be egyptian for the first time". "islamic extreemists will not take over , WE WONT LET THEM!" . "a new arab mind has arised"

    the military guards Mubarks house , the Protesters like and respect the army and the army is partly by their side , storming the building would mean attacking the military and they would lose the support of the only player left that has any control or ability to bring this to peace which is the Army

    before Mubark had this Bullshit "pro government protest' start there was a good chance for a new egyptian democracy to arise [peaceful regime change]

    the only way for anything good to come from this now is for the anti government protesters to stay put and hopefully gain more military support as the chaos continues , Mubark MUST leave NOW
  19. what are you talking about? peaceful??

    i agree that there are probably many peace-inclined rebels out there, conscientious objectors to violence,, but honestly i see nothing peaceful about the situation. the people have a right to be angry and they are
  20. Let's look at Iraq, Pakistan, Afganistan, yemen, now THOSE people aren't peaceful. I haven't seen one suicide bomb in this egyptian protest. I'd have to say for middle eastern rebels, they're pretty fucking peaceful.:smoke:

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