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will mixing tobbacco and weed get me addicted to tobbacco

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DankSmoker2181, May 4, 2011.

  1. recently i liked starting to add 30% pipe tobbacoo to my joint. it add's to my high greatly. gives me mad headrushes. if i smoke like once day with tobbacoo will it get me addicted. or does it take smoking ciggs to get me hooked?
  2. You'll get hooked if you smoke tobacco everyday, yes.
  3. I always thought it was the Nicotine that was addictive not tobacco. Ya learn something new everyday!

  4. Is this some sort of cruel joke?

  5. No you're right if you weren't being sarcastic or anything lol the nicotine is the addictive part of the tobacco so yeah

  6. I was :devious: but not in an asshole sort of way :p.
  7. Nope not if u do it everyday,spiffing the blunt or joint gives of a niiicee body buzz.
  8. Eventually, the nicotine will get you.

    Enough people told me to stop when I started, I chose not to listen. It's an expenisve bit of advice that I ignored, at the very least.

  9. nicotine is a naturally in tobacco....
  10. I know it's an alkaloid found in the plant

  11. supposedly takes 3 days for nicotine to leave your body i wouldnt smoke tobacco everyday if your worried about getting addicted but it all depends on if your prone to addiction also
  12. i smoke cigs occasionally and i also smoke moles or spliffs occasionally... ive been doin this for over a year and ive never once felt an urge to smoke tobbacco. ive only ever bought 2 packs of cigarettes, my friends just give me cigs when theyre out chiefin.

    point is the only way to get addicted to cigarettes is to make any sort of habit of smoking them, if you like to light up a grit when you drive, you'll prob get addicted etc.
  13. honestly, you won't dude. i smoked ~2 packs a week for around 4 months and quit, i got stomach aches for a few days. smoking that minimal amount of pipe tobacco would probably end up being around one pack of cigarettes in a months worth of smoking. dont listen to these guys, i smoke and have quit several times, and started again, all at my own will depending on how my life is
  14. Depends some people get addicted fairly quickly or if your like me it takes a very long time, but since your not addicted and have done it a really long time, then if you started to get addicted you could quit pretty easy,
  15. Wether u get addicted or not, tobbacco is still bad for u. Why wud u add something bad to something good? Kinda defeats the purpose IMO but then again it's up to u
  16. Dont do it!!!!!!

    If you mix weed with tobacco you will develop an addiction to meth.
  17. Actually, nicotine in its self really isn't addictive, it only is when taken along with a MAOI, which are found in tobacco.

    Quote from Wikipedia:
  18. If you smoke tobacco everyday, yes you will get addicted to it. It takes 72 hours for all nicotine to leave the body, so with that amount you'll have a light dose of nicotine in your body 24/7.

    I speak as a former smoker. In the end you realize tobacco was never worth one penny out of your wallet. I have cigs with friends sometimes still, but don't fall into addiction.
  19. K the question is do you smoke cigarettes, then the answer is yes. If you dont thank you may crave a smoke but youll crave a joint with tobbacco.
  20. it may vary because i know some who add tobacco to their bud and won't touch a cigarette outside of that.

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