Will mixing dirty urine with clean urine LOWER your THC level?

Discussion in 'General' started by midwestlady, May 5, 2011.

  1. Im on probation and I had to drop a UA that they were expecting to be dirty but I used a friend's pee but it didn't quite fill the line. I had to add a little of my own pee so I am aware it will be positive for THC but will the overall level be lower than if it were just my dirty urine??? New member so I am sorry is this was previously asked :) :hello:
  2. if you're on probation, just don't smoke...

  3. Way to answer his question... 4000 posts and full rep and you can't answer a simple quesiton

    OP, yes, the level of THC in the mixed piss will be significantly lower than it woulda been if it was all your piss. But may not be low enough to pass the test... goodluck
  4. Thanks! They were expecting me to fail anyways but I told them my last use was about 3 weeks ago when honestly it was about 1 week ago so I just need it to be a little lower than it normally would have.

    As for people who do not understand the concept of a question, maybe you just shouldn't answer!

  5. if you're not gonna answer the question, just don't post...
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  10. How did you know this? I'm lacking in quality weed, but I wouldn't call my current highly inebriated state anything near sober.

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    Someone talk to me. I'm bored out of my gourd.

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  12. If they are expecting you to be dirty, piss hot...I'm pretty sure after that they just expect the levels of THC to go down.
  13. Sorry to get all serious on yall but the same thing happened to me and I just put a little hot water from the sink to dilute it a little and it showed up 0.0.

    that was laboratory testing not UA's though

    in case you're interested ;)
  14. what happens if you don't reach the line out of curiosity?
  15. You have to reach the line so you may have to sit in the waiting room and drink soda/water Thanks guys I will let you know my results when I get em :)
  16. How recently did you smoke? Why didn't you make it up to the line with water?

  17. It was a little over a week ago and I spilled a little of the clean urine so I was a short just a few ML
  18. Did you passed???

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