Will.medical marijuana still be around by time Im 25-35

Discussion in 'Marijuana Business and Industry' started by iloveskywalkerog, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. I've been hearing news about a lot of the dispensaries being closed down and I was just wondering will.medical marijuana be around in 2016 and 2020 ?

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  2. when Amazon delivers my Crystal Ball, I'll let ya know.
  3. Weed will never disappear lol
  4. in other words... what will be the result of everyone finding out cannabis is a medicinal plant that heals and not demon weed that kills off entire galaxies every millisecond?  we will only know when we get there.
  5. I think you're all very lucky - it's not even on the horizon down under. None the less I know it will still be around.

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  6. Why you asking? Going to prison for a couple years? No chance for parole until you are 25-35?
  7. Medical does not appear to be going away for a long time.
  8. every time you light up or vape you support the validity of your claim and remain in a healthy state. keep it up!
  9. Lol of course they will still be here.
    In California alot of dispensaries are violating prop d, and prop 215, not obeying closing hours and whatnot. Those idiots will be closed.
    The rest of the smart people who don't break rules will stay.
  10. its all about the legal weed now man, forget getting onboard the medical thing, move to Colorado!

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